28 week appt today

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28 week appt today

Appt went well this morning. Had to get there early to drink the orange stuff for my 1 hour GD test. Yuk! Heartrate was at 142 and blood pressure looked good. Doc warned me about staying hydrated over the summer when I mentioned that I had been having some occasional Braxton-Hicks contractions so I will make a good effort to keep a glass of water around. I normally have a water bottle on my desk at work, but I am not so good about fluids regularly when I am at home.

So, I am now on appts every two weeks and crossing my fingers for a good result on the GD test on Monday. I hate the thought of doing the 3 hour test.

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Glad your appointment went well! Good luck on your 1 hour test. The 3 hour is definitely no fun! Keep us posted on your results.

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Sounds like a great appt.!

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Glad your appt. went well and I hope you pass the glucose test. The doctor hasn't called me so I think I'm good with mine.

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yay for a good appt! Smile

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Glad you had a great appt!

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Glad everything looked good!

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yay for a great appt!!!! Smile hope you pass your 1 hr test!!! crossing my fingers for ya!!

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