28 weeks and anniversary

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28 weeks and anniversary

I'm 28 weeks today! Yay! It's also our 9th wedding anniversary today. DH and I aren't doing anything special, though. Too much going on. I think we'll do something big to celebrate next year, since it will be a big one. Unfortunately, today started out with a 4:15am wake up call from DD, who did NOT go back to sleep, so we're tired (at least DH and I are... DD seems to be fine). And the day will continue with the glucose test at my midwife's office... yuck. But that's okay. Two nice milestones today!

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Congrats on your anniversary and on the 28 week mark! woo hoo!!

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Happy anniversary!! And Happy 3rd trimester too!!! Two great things in one day, hope the appointment goes well and maybe you can get a nap in Wink

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Oh happy day!!!!! Heather today is also my DH's 35 Birthday! Biggrin
I hope that your test goes well!!!!

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Great Day!!! Congrats on both!

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Have a great 'milestone day'! Congrats on 9 years!! Let us know how the GD test goes.

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Congrats and Happy Anniversary! Eww about the early wake up call and the drink, I'll have to do mine in 3 or so weeks, blech lol.

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Happy anniversary! Yay for 3rd trimester!!!!! Hope you have a good day and appt!

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Happy 9th Anniversary, and yay for 28 weeks!!! I hope you pass the glucose test.

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Happy anniversary!

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Thanks everyone :-). My appointment went pretty well. I only gained one pound since my last appointment (yay!) and my blood pressure was 112/62, so higher than last time, but obviously still fine. HR was in the 140's. I met a different midwife in the practice and I really liked her. The glucose drink was gross as usual, and I hate having blood drawn, but oh well. Not sure when I'll hear about the results. A few days, I guess? Sometimes they do the "no news is good news" thing at this office, so we'll have to wait and see.

The problem came when I was driving back to my friend's house to pick up DD after my appointment. I hadn't eaten since breakfast (and all I had then was a banana, and my appointment was at 2pm) and because of my low pressure I sometimes get pretty messed up after having my blood drawn... not to mention that the glucose drink can mess with you. I had to pull over on the entrance ramp to the interstate because I was starting to black out. It FREAKED me out. I've always had a tendency toward passing out because of my low blood pressure, but it's a whole different story when you're DRIVING! So I laid my head down on the passenger's seat for a few minutes, and found a gross, squished, totally melted granola bar in my purse that I ate two bites of to get myself going again, and I made it to my friend's house (stopping on the way to pick up something to eat). I laid on her couch until I felt well enough to drive home. I'm totally fine, but I have felt completely disgusting ever since. YUCK!!! Anyway, that was my excitement for the day. Fortunately I've learned the signs over the years of when I'm going to pass out, so I knew to pull over. Keep your fingers crossed for me that I pass this test and don't have to take the 3 hour test, because I do not want to do that again!!!

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Happy anniversary!! and happy 28 weeks too!!!! have a wonderful day, despite the GD test!

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Sorry you felt so bad after your test. Hope you pass. Hope you are feeling better today!