3 weeks & 5 days

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3 weeks & 5 days

Yup.. that's how much time I have left in this pregnancy if I want to deliver here and not "over the hill" where the NICU is. If I go into labor between now and then (highly unlikely given that both my boys were over and induced) then they will send me to the next town over with a NICU (a 1.25 hour drive).

Our house guest has decided to go room with someone else (my BIL's Dad) because he's worried about taking up the nursery (the room he's in now) and getting in the way of any nesting that I might need to do in there. Lol

I assured him that I still have around 11 weeks before I'm to the point where I was when we induced with either of the boys. And that even after the baby arrives, it will be in our room for the first few weeks at least.

He's still so worried about it that he's leaving early next week. Such a sweet guy he is. Smile At least now he knows he's not stepping on my toes now. But I am happy he's changing houses cause now he gets a real bed instead of the air mattress he's been on for the last 6 weeks. And I probably SHOULD start nesting, right? Lol I've still done nothing in there and I wasn't even using him as an excuse. I was just being lazy. ROFL

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Hard to believe in a month we could have take home babies on this board! My hospital likes you to be 36 weeks to deliver there (they don't have a NICU), so that's my goal this time around. I'm aiming for another 8 weeks (8 weeks 3 days away from the longest I've ever been pregnant and 6 weeks 4 days away from the earliest I've ever given birth), still seems like a long time to me, maybe around 32 weeks I'll start feeling more like it could be soon Lol

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Amazing to think about it, isn't it?! Smile

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Wow, all you ladies at the beginning of the month are getting so close. I agree, it's hard to believe that soon we'll have babies born and going home. I remember with Hailey last year it was hard to be the first "that we all knew about anyways" to have the baby while everyone else was still pregnant. With Heather, I had her on the 12th, so it wasn't so bad, but this one is pretty much end of the month and it's such an adjustment lol. Oh well, I'll get to oooo and awwww over the babies being born while b*tching about how much pain and discomfort I"m in ROFL

Woohoo about no houseguest, honestly I think while being pregnant it would drive me nuts I think, nesting instinct or not! I like it just us and I know that anyone 'visiting' will eventually leave haha. Oh well, now you have no excuse, real or not to do anything in there Blum 3

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The worse part for me is that I really have no clue when to except the girls to show! I know it wont be later the 9/12, but the OB doesnt think I will go that far anyways (38 wks) So realistically I could have them anytime, but I'm thinking around 36-37 wks,
~8-10 wks from now :eek:

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Wow, how crazy is that? Actually having the baby still seems so far away and unreal to me. The fact that I'm expecting to go late probably adds to that. But it's really not that far off!

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Erin, since things seem to be going smoothly I bet you will make it to >36 weeks.

I was thinking this week that in 9 weeks I'm technically full term and that doesn't seem that far away! Since I was overdue with my first, I'm not expecting to go before my due date but still 9-14 weeks I should have a baby. Considering how fast everything has gone, she will be here before I know it!

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its crazy how close we are all getting im with erin i have no idea when these girls are making their way in to the world... and i dont think any one else does.. one dr says ur water will break at 32 weeks... another one says oh u will make it further.. i just hope they stay in long enough that i can have them at the hosp close by and we dont need to spend time in the nicu..

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i cant believe how close we are all getting, time sure does fly. its coming soo soon and i am soooo unorganized ...by this point with my 1st pg everything was set up and done :eek:

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Yikes, I can't believe how close some of you are to giving birth.

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That is great news! Here hoping that baby stays for awhile! I can't wait ot know what it is though!

What a considerate house guest!