30 week appointment

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30 week appointment

I had an uneventful 30 week appointment the other day. BP good, baby heart tones good. My OB NEVER measures my belly, ever. I think next time I go in (in 2 weeks) I think I will ask why! It would be nice to know what I am measuring. Smile

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yay for a good appt! I would wonder that too?? Mines been measuring my belly the last 2-3 appt's so far.

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Glad you had a good appt. I wish my OB wouldn't measure me anymore. It's depressing! LOL!

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Congrats on a good appointment.

My doc rarely measures mine because the measurement varies so much. She does once in awhile though...

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Glad your appt.went well. They've been checking me for the last two or three months or so. I am measuring right on target.

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Yay for an uneventful appointment! Glad everything is looking good :-).

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Boring appts are the best at this point! BTW... your belly pic is SO cute! Biggrin

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Yay for a good (uneventful!) appt!!

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Yahoo for a good appt!!!

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Yeah for a good appt