30 week appt update (xp)

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30 week appt update (xp)

So, everything looks good so far. Heartrate was 140, she is head down, I think blood pressure is good (didnt ask). I gained like 3 lbs since last time on their scale, but I didnt watch my salt as much as should've yesterday so I KNOW that probably is water retention as I still have swelling in both legs and carpal tunnel symptoms. (and yes Im drinking a TON and doing high protein).

I also saw the perinatologist as on my 20 week u/s I had a marginal placenta previa and they couldnt clear the heart all the way due to lack of cooperation on her part at the time. So, the placenta has moved up a LOT, is still anterior, and is NOT implanted over the scar (so no increased risk of accreta! woohoo!). The heart was cleared, and I am "officially" cleared for VBAC.

Oh, and she has a TON of hair - we could see it on the ultrasound!

The perinatologist was a little wierd and very "to the point" - no pictures, or other peeks were offered at all (so, we couldnt reconfirm that she is actually a she) but whatever, the important part got done, kwim?


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Yeah for a good appt...I think its cool they can tell our LO have hair. When i had my 3D the tech showed me all the fuzy stuff..lol..on top of his head.

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Yay! Sounds like everything went well. Glad to hear you are cleared for a VBAC! I'd love to have a second u/s of this little one... but, I doubt I'll get the chance as everything looked great first time around. Maybe, just maybe, I can get them to check for position with an u/s. Wink

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Yay for being cleared for VBAC!! Glad you had a good appt!

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Glad your appt. went well and that your'e cleared for your VBAC.

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That is awesome that you're cleared for your VBAC and everything looked good!