30 Week Prenatal Appt.

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30 Week Prenatal Appt.

I had my 30 week appt yesterday. Baby girl seems to be laying diagonal, hopefully whenever she straightens out in there, she's head down. Blood pressure was a bit lower than it usually is, I was 107/73, I'm usually 120/70 or close to it. She said it was a bit low but wasn't too concerned yet. I guess I'm still in the norm.

I lost 2lbs in 2 weeks! According to my pee, I think they're leucocytes? Anyways, I had a bunch and was told to drink more lol. Belly is measuring in at 33 weeks, so I'm 3 weeks bigger, though I personally don't think I look it lol. Heartbeat was in around 154 BPM.

I got my little hospital package, I thought that I needed to fill a bunch out, but it's just things like, the bloodwork that they want me to do around 39 weeks, a small checklist of what I should bring, visitors info, things like that. Next week I go back on Friday only because we do video conferencing with the delivering Dr (remember, my delivering hospital is 45 mins away so that's why we do it this way) and he's available next week. I guess he can't be in the week after when I SHOULD have went back.

I also mentioned the pains again, told her that they're getting worse and going from one side right across my belly to the other side, and sometimes I can feel the tightening from contracting at the same time. She said it appears to be braxton hicks and I guess this time around I'm getting the crap end of the stick and getting some really painful ones. She said again that I need to sit back and take it easy. Not to lift Heather up at all, and not to lift Hailey up too much. She said that BH's are more of an irritation on the outside of the uterus and that you can only irritate something for so long before it gives up, and then I'll be in labour. She again reminded that I don't want baby girl to come for at least 6 more weeks, which obviously no one wants. I'm finding it a bit hard to believe that really, 5 1/2 weeks from now I could potentially deliver anytime after that. Time is going so fast and with how things are going, I'm slightly leaning on she's not gonna make it till my due date, which, if it's only a week or so before I can live with. The 21st isn't the greatest with son #2's bday being the 23rd lol.

So, it was a good appt, but I'm starting to kinda get into that antsy stage just because I'm not sure how things are going to go. With Heather I did have contractions starting at 8 months, but with Hailey I had lots in the late 20 week and was on every week appts starting at 30 weeks because I was having them so frequently. Baby girl will soon be here before we know it!!

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Sounds like a very informative appt! I too am amazed that in a few week our babies will be here :eek:

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Sounds like a great appt! That's awesome!

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Sounds like it was a pretty good appt. I totally agree with you on being in an antsy stage. So many things need to go right for me to get my VBAC and it's just making me very anxious.

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glad everything went well at your appt. Yahoo i honestly cant believe how fast time is flying, babies will be here soon.