31 Week Appointment

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31 Week Appointment

I had my 31 week check up this afternoon. Everything was fine. Blood pressure, baby's heart beat, etc. The most exciting part was, I was actually down 1/2 lb according to their scale! Woohoo! Taking that into account, I've only gained 1/2 lb in the last six weeks, which I'm super excited about. I gained plenty early on, so I'm REALLY happy that it slowed down. No idea why- I've tried to eat healthy and exercise through the whole pregnancy- nothing's changed, so I guess it's just how my body is choosing to deal with it. Either way, I'm glad to still be in a range that I'm comfortable with.

I was also really happy to hear that the little guy is currently head down. He's flipped around so much that it's been making me nervous. She did warn me that he could still flip around a bit, but it was just really nice to know that he had at least chosen to be head down for one day! Lol!

I talked to her about my low blood pressure issue that I've been having. I knew that they really can't do anything for it, but I figured I should let them know what's going on. She recommended trying to push hydration even more than I have been, making sure I always have something to eat with me, and being careful to not push it too hard when I exercise.

So that's the story... everything is looking good. As long as everything is fine, these midwives don't see patients as frequently as most OB's/midwives do, so they gave me a choice between having my next appointment in three weeks (I'll be 34 weeks) or four weeks (35 weeks). I chose three weeks. Then they'll see me again at 36 weeks, and then every week after that.

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Yay for a great appt. It sounds like everything is right on track. I've also been really worried about the baby's position. I'm thinking he might be tranverse but he does flip around a lot so who knows.

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Yay for a good appt! Smile I'm glad everything looks good. When do you have your next u/s to check the previa issue? I'm also uncertain as to what position baby is in because she's always flipping this way or that way.

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At the end of my 31 week check up today, my doc said "If I have a hard time telling where baby's head is, then I'll do a quick u/s to check." :eek:

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Yay for a good appt! I just noticed that you live in TN and go to midwives - do they keep in contact with The Farm at all?

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I don't have placenta previa- maybe you're thinking of Amanda? I know it's been an issue with a couple of ladies on this board.

Janelle- maybe you'll get an extra peek at that little one!

I have a hard time telling what position this guy is in as well, since he is constantly flipping around. My least favorite has been transverse... so stinking uncomfortable!!! It was easier with DD because she didn't move her arms very much- just kicked non stop. This guy moves his arms and legs equally, so sometimes it's hard to tell which end is which!

We're a couple of hours away from The Farm, so I don't know if they keep in touch at all. I wouldn't be surprised if they did. The midwives I go to are associated with a large, well-known university and they teach student midwives as well. It's become one of the most popular practices in the area- more and more women around here are opting to go with midwifery care, so the hospital is used to working with natural childbirth patients and is generally accommodating to NCB needs.

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Not sure I want one.. Lol it's another opportunity to accidentally see the gender. Lol

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Sounds like a great appt! And OMG in 3 wks you will be 34 wks...holy crow!!!!!

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Glad you had a good appt. Seeing all these appts is making me freak out a bit! Our babies will start arriving SOON!!!!!

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Glad you had a good appt. Smile Won't be too much longer now!!

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I can't believe us September mamas are starting to get into the 30+ weeks already! Holy cow it's going fast - yay for a good appt!

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Glad all is looking so well! At my u/s last week they told me baby girl was head down, so hopefully that's where she stays lol.

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So glad to.hear all is well and yeah on the weight gain. It is going SO fast I can't believe were almost to the end. My little one is still flipping as well. He was heads down but I'm sure he flipped the other day cause he had the hiccups yesterday & it was by my rib cage lol

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yay for a great appt!!!!! and Im glad baby is head down lets hope he stays head down!!!