31 week appt

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31 week appt

It went really well, the last centering group appt. so there were a lot of tears. One woman is due Monday, another due next Wednesday, but we haven't had any babies born yet.

Weight is up to 124, so awesome! BP was FINALLY up a bit, 108/71. Fundal height is 29 weeks. HB in the 150's. The girl checking me is actually an intern and got a little freaked out when she was feeling my belly b/c she caused a BH. She stopped feeling around right away lol.

I have an ultrasound next monday.

I forgot to ask the midwife a question, so figured I'd ask you ladies. Smile anyone experience third trimester nausea? It started a few days ago and is pretty bad at times. Is this something that sometimes happens? I didn't have it with dd. If I still have it in two weeks I'll ask at my next appt, or if it gets worse I'll call.

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I've noticed mild nausea in the morning for the last 3 weeks. Initiallly it went away if I ate something but now I just have mild nausea until around 9am.

I have no idea if it is normal but I assume it is. With DD1 I still had allday sickness so this is much better.

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yay for a good appt!!!!
Sorry to hear about yor nausea hope it goes away soon!!!!
I get nausea if i have a empty stomache but that has been thru out the whole pregnancy.

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That is so funny because I was going to ask the same questions. I had morning sickness in starting but it went away and I've noticed the last week that its coming back. Not as bad as it was in the first trimester but it is still affecting me.

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yay for a good appt Smile I would ask your doc for some zofran nausea meds. Smile

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Glad ur appt went well. I've had nausea come & go over the past few weeks. I got nausea meds from my doc to help when I need it.

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Yay for a good appointment! Too bad about the nausea, I hope you find some relief!

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Bummer about the nausea, but I'm glad your appointment went well.

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Sounds like a great appt! That poor intern! Wink

I've been getting nauseous again too, so I'm glad to hear that others are having the same experience.

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Glad you had a good appointment! Sorry about the nausea... I haven't experienced it in the 3rd trimester (the only trimester I haven't had it) but I've heard that it's pretty common.