31w OB checkup

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31w OB checkup

had my checkup today. same old with me as well. b/p was good(didn't say anything about it so i guess it was good). i lost a half a pound:eek::eek:woot woot! but it surprised me! i go tomorrow for the blood draw to recheck my platelets. but the doc said they arent bad low. and i asked what happens if after this draw they are still not where they want them. she said if they get tooo low then no epi for me. she said some women decide then to have a c section or pain through it...we will see. but it seems like i most likely will not have to worry about it. and her heart beat sounded good too!

doc said it she wasn't sure yet if baby is head down. felt a bit and thinks her head is still up, but time will tell on that. and she is hanging out right by the placenta, lol, they have been finding my heart beat first before the baby

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I'm glad that your appt went well. I hope all comes back ok on your bloodwork and crossing my fingers that everything is ok so you can have a epi if need be. kup

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Sounds like a great appt. Here's hoping your blood work comes back ok. Smile

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Glad everything is looking good- KUP on the bloodwork!

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Glad you had a good appt. Hope baby turns the right way and that your plts are up.

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Glad you had a good appt. Hopefully everything will turn out fine with your bloodwork.