32 week appointment

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32 week appointment

32 week appt was yesterday and it went well. HB was at 147 and my BP was good. She is estimating that Julia will be about 8 pounds, which is right at where DD1 and DD2 were at birth. Right now it looks like my c-section will be scheduled for Sept 13th or 14th. Of course, I have yet to make it to a scheduled date so I am thinking that this LO will be making her appearance in about 6 weeks. :eek: I told the doc that I would be okay with her continuing to bake until the due date. She responded by saying that I then might be looking at a baby closer to 9 pounds. Never mind Smile The doc said things are going perfectly and now we just sit and wait for baby to keep growing.

I hope that she doesn't come too early because I just got a new job and I was hoping to get a little time to setle into my new duties before I disappear for 10-12 weeks. But, Julia will come when she is darn good and ready I guess.

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Glad the appointment went well!

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Glad all went well at your appt! And hey, there's NOTHING wrong with a 9lb baby, 3 of mine so far were, and had Hailey come at her due date she woulda been around there, too :p. And besides, if you're having a section, that eliminates pushing out a 9lb monster baby as I call them ROFL

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Congrats on the new job, and glad your appt. went well.

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Glad your appt was good!

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How exciting!! 6 wks isnt that far away. Glad you had a good appt!!
Congrates on your new job!!!!!!! Biggrin

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Yay for good appt. not much longer now and you'll have your lil girl.

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yay for a good appt and a new job! Smile

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Yeah for a good appt.

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Yay for a good appoitment! (and new job!)