32 week appointment and fun OT news

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32 week appointment and fun OT news

Just had my 32 week appointment (a few days early lol). I lost .5 lb, bp was 128/80, measuring better, a little over 32 now. I've been miserable at night, not sleeping ,and last night LO was so violently active I was sure s/he was trying to claw his/her way out. Sure enough, the stinker flipped breech. She offered to scan to see, but really there is no point at 32 weeks, lots of time to flip back. Will worry about it closer to due date. She was kind enough to give me a script for Ativan though, so I can try to get some sleep. My hyperemesis is way worse when I don't sleep, so I've been puking my guts out the last couple of days. Here's hoping for some sleep!!

Completely OT, but I have to share. A good friend of mine at work, one of our docs, he and his wife have been struggling to start a family for 7 years. 5 rounds IVF before committing to the adoption process. They got a call on Friday that they have been selected by a birth mum, and that the baby was born the day before. They went and met with the lawyers and the birth mum on Tuesday, and the papers are in the government office being stamped today. They should be bringing their beautiful healthy 9lb newborn baby boy home next Tuesday!! We are so excited for him and his wife here at work, the tears are just flowing everywhere! Its been a huge morale booster for the staff here. Just thought it might bring a smile to someone's face.

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YAY for a good appointment! Kendra flips from breach to head down all the time. i can tell cause of the hiccups LOL

Thanks for sharing that story about your boss! as a woman who struggled for 6 years to get to where we are (everything BUT IVF), i am crying happy tears as i type this. There are just no words.....i am so extatic for them!

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What a great post! Congrats to them and I am glad you got some sleep aids!

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sorry you've been puking a lot lately, that's no fun! But I am glad you had a good appt and that is great news about your friends adopting. TFS. Smile

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Glad your appt. went well and congrats to your friends!!!

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Yeah for a good appt. It's wonderful to hear happy stories like that

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Glad you had a good appt. I hope your LO flips before it's time. It was nice of your dr to give you a rx to help you sleep.

I'm so happy for that couple. I couldn't imagine what they are feeling right now.

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SO glad to hear great news for your friend!!! Yahoo congrates to them!!!
Glad u have some sleep aids and Yahoo on a great appt!!

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What wonderful news about your friend! I love hearing success stories like that, especially when it's been such a struggle to get there. Makes it all the more sweet!

Sorry you've been so miserable, hope the Ativan is able to help you sleep so your body can relax! Puking is no fun!

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i love this! hope the sleep meds help you! congrats to your boss! that is awesome!