32 week appointment + other stuff

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32 week appointment + other stuff

I had my 32 week appointment yesterday. Thankfully, DH had to work late, which meant he was able to stay home with the kids and go into work late. But, the OB I saw was running behind, so I didn't even get in to see her until a whole hour after my appointment time, which made DH a little extra late to work. I was thankful though that I didn't have to entertain the two peeps at the office for a whole hour by myself. Anyway, my appointment took a whole 5 minutes. I've gained like 3/4 of a lb. since my last appointment 2 weeks ago. I'm assuming my urine was fine since they didn't say anything. My belly measured right at 32. The OB had a hard time finding the top of it actually as it's right up, just barely below my sternum. I asked her if she could tell what position the baby is in... she was pretty sure baby girl is head down, but she made it clear that baby still had plenty of room to switch positions so she may not stay that way. We listened to the heartbeat... it was in the 150s. The OB told me to make sure that I schedule my last 4 weekly appointments with the two midwives if I want them to deliver me. That was it. Short and boring.

On to other news, I spent lots of time in the basement on Saturday sorting through baby clothes and have now brought all the nb-6 month girl and neutral clothes up to the closet in what will be her room after the new year. I washed all the newborn clothes and have it hanging and ready to go. And I have all the newborn cloth diapers prepped and ready as well! My friend, who had a baby girl in April, sent me a ton of newborn onesies and a few little nb outfits as well this week, so we are more than well stocked with newborn clothing. I got the infant carseat and matching stroller out as well and need to wash them this weekend. I also started a small BRU registry just to keep track of those few little things I need (like new bottle dropins and nipples (planning on BF'ing, but want to get this little one to take a bottle of EBM) and cradle sheets and a new pnp play sheet) last weekend as well. DH has a bonus coming from work because a guy he referred was hired, so he told me we can set aside a couple hundred bucks to go shopping next month! Smile It finally feels like we are starting to prep for the arrival of this little one. The kids have been talking a lot more about the baby now that they see us getting clothes/toys/baby gear out. DS keeps telling DH he needs to set the cradle up NOW in our bedroom. Wink Maybe this weekend.

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Sounds like a good appointment! Sorry you had to wait so long though- that's the worst!

You are doing awesome getting everything ready! I feel so behind in that department.

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don't you hate that? waiting and waiting and then the actual appointment only lasts like 5 minutes. bleh!! anyways sounds like you are getting everything ready, awesome! Smile

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Good appointment and good progress on the baby stuff!

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Great appt! Sorry you had to wait so long though!

Doesn't it make it more real now that you are getting stuff ready? It's not like we are just gaining weight or something. LOL!

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Sounds like a good appt. and you are making great progress on getting ready for baby!!!

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I must have been tired when I wrote my post last night... just realized I used the phrase "as well" in four or so sentences back to back. Whoops! Wink Today, I'm washing all the 0-3 month clothing.

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Sound like a great appt and you are definately making some progress in getting the baby stuff together! EXCITING!

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Sounds like a good appointment! That is so cute that DS wants the baby stuff set up right away. He must be excited!!

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sounds like a good appt. Biggrin