33 week appointment...and another impatient baby

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33 week appointment...and another impatient baby

So, I had my 33 week appointment today. Unfortunately my midwife was called out on 2 deliveries so they had to fit me in with a nurse practitioner. I had talked to my midwife about doing my GBS early so the NP decided to do that today in her place, which I wanted cause I was contracting all morning so I wanted to make sure things were 'okay'. She did the swab and checked me, 2cm and 80% effaced. She wanted to hook me up to the NST but I just wanted to get home, she said she'll have my midwife call me when she gets back to the office. I just knew I'd have a much better chance of getting things stopped at home than stressed out in a busy office. They are still every 4-5 minutes apart but aren't getting any stronger so I'm laying down with my laptop and knitting and hopefully they'll stop. I'm still really hoping to reach my 36 week goal!

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Oh goodness! Hope those contractions stop ASAP! Relax and put your feet up, and keep that baby baking, mama!

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Wowie... I hope you get them under control. Doesn't sound fun to have to endure with your other kids in need of mommy. :bigarmhug:

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Sending baby baking thoughts your way...keep that baby in there

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Bake baby bake Smile

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Did your other children come earlier, too?

I hope you can get lots of rest and those contractions stop!!!

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Thanks everyone Smile They're still the same for now, so we might end up going in, I figure I'll give it another hour. Yes, my others came early too, but not this early. DD1 was 34 weeks 5 days, DD2 was 35 weeks and DS was 36 weeks 4 days. So we'll see, my midwife called me back and said they don't stop labor at this point? I'm really, really hoping that if I do go in they'll do *something* to stop it, my bag is not packed yet or anything

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Let us know what happens!!

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Take it easy girl! I hope those silly things settle down!

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"mandi04" wrote:

my midwife called me back and said they don't stop labor at this point?

That's crazy! Does she have you confused with someone else who is farther along? :confused:

Our hospital will try to stop it anytime before 35 weeks.

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At 33 wks I would beg for them to stop the ctx, that is just way too early~!
I hope things settle down and you dont have to go in, but if not you may have to get pushy!!!! GL!!!

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Things have calmed down, they are down to every 8 minutes, which is better than before so I think they'll go away. I really don't think she confused me with someone else which is why I found it so weird. I'd definitely push for something if I ended up needing to go in. Luckily dh is off today so he's been letting me lay around on the couch and I'm almost done knitting the baby's blanket! Lol

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crossing my fingers that the contractions go away!!
Praying u can keep LO baking longer!!

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I just saw this on FB! I hope he keeps baking!

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Yikes! I hope you can keep that little one baking a while longer!!! KUP!

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I'm glad things are starting to calm down, hopefully baby can bake a bit longer.