33 Week Plus Size Belly Pic

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33 Week Plus Size Belly Pic

This is my pic from last week, I just now got everything since then off my camera lol. Been busy and procrastinate lots :lol:. Will get a new pic later this week.

The colour of the wall behind me in this pic is what it really looks like, it's my new living room colour and I LOVE it! Still gotta rehang some pics and all the kids awards that would be behind me, but the colour looks good in here! Sorry, just had to share lol.

Closeup and the wall looking really pale due to lighting. Spots are from my camera... guess I should clean it some day lol.

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Looking good girly!!!!

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You look adorable! I love the belly, love the outfit and your hair colour is beautiful!


How did you convince you DH to paint that colour? My DH would not even paint my 2 yo's room that colour!

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You look great!!!

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You look great!

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Don't apologize for sharing. You look great!!

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Great pics Smile I love the color. But I agree, my dh would not want a pink living room LOLLL but I love it

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LOL thanks ladies! My hair is getting rehighlighted/cut in a couple weeks so it'll be a bit more blonde and a bit shorter than that, with the layers put back in.

As for the living room, my hubby was open to pretty much anything! We live in geared to income housing, and they paint every room in the WHOLE house this really gross colour. We've been here for 1 1/2 years now and the only room we've ever painted was the girls room lol. It's purple with pink trim, and tinkerbell themed :lol:.

The colour of the living room you see here, is actually what our bedroom was supposed to be painted and the colour is called RaspBerry Swirl... the living room was supposed to be blue. BUT, while deciding on the actual colour of our bedroom, I found another one called Easter Egg that I really liked sooooo, we painted our bedroom Easter Egg, which is like a pale/pastelly purple, and the living room got this one. We had put a small dab of paint on the walll of each colour and went from there lol. Plus, our living room set is brown, and we have a brown movie stand, and hopefully soon to be a brown entertainment stand, and since having girls, I've learned that Brown and Pink go together LOL.

I'll have to dig out some before/after shots to show you the terrible colour that housing uses. I do have pics of my bedroom and the crib set up, I'll have to resize and post those so you can see the colour of my room Smile

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You look great!

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Looking good!

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Looking good mama!!!!!! (love the wall color!!!!)

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Looking good! I gotta get a few belly shots up. I wish I would have taken more in this pg being my first. There's still time!! I'm going to get on it!

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You look great! Love the wall color too. Bright colors are so fun Smile