34+5 appt update (xp)

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34+5 appt update (xp)

So, I had my obligatory appointment with the OB that supervises the midwives.

Basically, everything is going fine, Im up 20 lbs total, and he would prefer if we had a firm delivery date by 39 weeks.

I knew the data he was telling me, but Im not going to schedule a c-section unless something is not right (bad positioning, etc). I wont be able to make that decision until I know a LOT more about our individual situation.

We also finagled a tour of L&D, since there are no classes or tours scheduled there before we go. THey have a couple of nice huge tubs for laboring (and occasional birthing) in, these nifty roller things for birthing balls, and in the event that both tub rooms are taken, these HUGE showers that they can put shower chairs in. Seems pretty nice overall.

Only bad thing today is not related to the visit, but my son had a stomach bug last week, and I think I've caught it. My guts are 17 kinds of pissed off at me and that's causing contractions like crazy. *sigh*

Such is life!

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I'm so sorry about the stomach bug- that is the WORST! I hope you feel better! I'm glad the appointment went well over all and that you got a tour of L&D. Good for you for standing firm and not scheduling a c-section just because the OB wanted you to! I hope your birth works out exactly the way you want it to!

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I hope you feel better soon! Smile

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Sorry you are sick!

I am glad the appointment went well. Are you having a section? I thought you were going natural! Sounds like a nice facility!

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Im not having a section if I feel I can safely avoid one. I AM planning to try VBAC, no meds. But since things have gotten a little complicated (with the GDM, etc) if I get to the end, I'll have to have all the data to truly weigh the pros and cons of waiting it out.

If we're breech/transvers, have pre-E or something, etc, obviously, Im not going to hold out for a VBAC at all costs, kwim?

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Good luck getting the borth you want! I'm crossing my fingers for you that everything stays nice and calm so you can attempt your vbac.

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Glad your appt. went well but sorry you're getting sick. Hopefully you will be on the mend soon.