34 Week Appointment

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34 Week Appointment

Well, there's not much to report, but I figure I'll report it anyway ;-).

Just got back a little while ago from my 34 week check up. It was the first time that I took DD with me (I usually try to find someone to watch her). Weight, blood pressure, baby's heart rate were all fine. Belly is measuring right on. DD enjoyed getting to hear "Baby Brother's" heart beat. They said I could come back for my next appointment in either one or two weeks, whatever worked with my schedule. I asked for two weeks because next week is busy with some house stuff, so I have to be here for electricians, etc. So the next time I see them I'll be 36 weeks and 1 day! And that's just two weeks from today! Aaaaaahhhhhh!!!!!

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Great appointment. So exciting that your little man will be here SO soon Smile

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glad ur appt went well!!!! Smile

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An uneventuful appt is a great appt! Congrats on making it to the weekly appointments!!!

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Sounds like a good appointment. Wow, 34 weeks, Brandon was born at 34 weeks, lol. Not too much longer now.

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Glad you had a good appt. I know DD enjoyed hearing her baby brother. Coby loves to hear it!

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Sounds like everything is going well! Smile My kids love going and hearing the baby's heartbeat.

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Sounds like a GREAT appt!!!!!

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Glad you had a great appt. Smile

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Glad your appointment went well!!!