34 week appointment

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34 week appointment



I had my 34 week check up. We did the GBS swab and an internal check. I should get the results of the GBS early next week sometime. My weight was good, I've only gained 2 lbs in the last 3 weeks Yahoo Still no UTI!!! I'm SHOCKED at that! This is AWESOME news for me. I have the worst UTI's since I was 16 and frequent. I'm usually on preventative antibiotics from very early in my pregnancies and I still have yet to need them at all! Yahoo Now on to the big news.

The cervical check. So, cervix is anterior and high. Baby is resting nicely below my cervix but in front of it. The external os is open wide and VERY soft. She said I'm about 75% long and the internal os is about a fingertip dilated. She described the cervix as a favorable one and said that when it's time, it's gonna go FAST! At this point she doubts baby will wait until due date. I could go a week from now or longer, it's hard to say.. but most signs and symptoms are pointing to sooner rather than later.

I have my next 5 appointments scheduled (brings me to a little over 40 weeks). But my doc is not here the whole time and I feel like I'm at a big OB place where you have no say or clue on who will deliver you. Sad Of my next 5 appointments, I see my doc 3 times, so it's not too bad.. but she's simply "not available" the week just before my due date! Sad

I just pray that when I go in that she's available. I'd hate for someone else to deliver me, but I know women do it all the time and it's not a big deal, I'm just spoiled and have never had to do it that way before. :roll:

2.5 weeks to term!!! Yahoo :yahoo: Yahoo

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Glad you had a good appt. Things are moving fast for us right now! We will be holding babies before we know it.

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Sounds very promising! I'm surprised that she checked you so early. Glad it sounds like things are progressing!

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Must be so exciting to know that you will be holding your baby soon. I hope you get to have your OB deliver.

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Yahoo for a good appt!!! holy just around the corner and babies are going to start arriving.

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Wow, we could have healthy full term babies on this board in less than 3 weeks! That is crazy! Hopefully baby decides to stay put at least another 2 weeks but how exciting!

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"katielee83" wrote:

I'm surprised that she checked you so early. Glad it sounds like things are progressing!

I asked her to cause I've been having lots of bh's with pressure.

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Yay for a good appointment! I hope you get to deliver with your doctor!

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Great appt!!!!

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glad you had a good appt! and when you say 2.5 weeks to term that really smacks me in my face that sh*t needs to get done!

hopefully your own doc can deliver for you!

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That's so exciting..babies will be here soon

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Great appointment! And holy **** 2.5 weeks!! NO......!!!! I'm glad you're ahead of me, 'cause I'm so not ready!

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yay for a great appt! I totally understand the UTI worries. I've had them frequently since I was 15. I've already had about 4-5 this pregnancy. IT SUCKS, thee-most-annoying-pain-ever. anyways, not too much longer for babies now! so exciting!

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YAY for a GREAT appt!!! I can't believe you are almost done!!!! So excited!!!!!