34 week appointment and ?

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34 week appointment and ?

My weight, blood pressure and fundal height are all perfect but I had an U/S done and baby is measuring 3 weeks behind. After three different angles, baby measured 31 weeks.

The doctor made sure my fluid was good and baby was moving like crazy. I have another U/S next week. If baby is still small they will send me for a detailed U/S.

I am at risk for intrauterine growth restriction because of my partially detached placenta.

My question is, if baby is healthy and shows no signs of distress but it not growing, will they let me carry to term? Anyone have experience with this (Google scared me but because baby is looking good, I am wondering what will happen).

34 weeks:

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Glad everything looks good other than baby's size. I would imagine they'd want baby to be as big as possible before delivery as long as everything looks okay, that's assuming baby is still growing (albiet slowly) and getting what he/she needs from the placenta. I'd probably take it as a good sign that they are waiting until next week to do the u/s rather than rushing you into one yet this week and the fact that other than size baby looks good. I imagine they'll want to get a good look at the blood flow to/from the placenta. I hope it all looks good and baby can keep growing on the inside for a while. I've never dealt with IUGR but I imagine that even if baby is only measuring 31 weeks they'll still have the maturity of a 34 weeker, I've had 34/35 weekers and they do well. One needed a short NICU stay (5 days) but the other did not.

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In the experience that I've seen, no they will not let you carry to term. If baby is not growing then there is something that is not right. It's usually healthier to deliver baby then have them remain in the womb not getting something they need. Ur at 32 weeks so I'm sure they will continue to.monitor you a few more weeks before they.decide anything. The detailed ultrasound will give them more answers.as to why the baby is small. It might just.be.simply you.have a little one in there. Good luck & KUP

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"cherylfhorn" wrote:

Ur at 32 weeks so I'm sure they will continue to.monitor you a few more weeks before they.decide anything.

I am 34 weeks 3 days... That is why measuring 31 weeks is concerning

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I agree with Cheryl, if baby isn't growing well I don't think they will let you carry to term. I discussed this with my peri when we were talking about what would happen if I developed low fluid again. She said as long as baby was growing properly they would let me continue, but made it clear that restricted growth would be a deal-breaker. The way she explained it was at that point baby would likely do better out than in.

Hopefully everything will turn out ok and baby can bake until term.

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First of all - you look so cute!!

I don't have any insight as to the plan with IUGR, but we'll be hoping for the best! It's interesting that your fundal height is measuring right on, but baby is behind. Please KUP!!

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Glad to hear other than size baby looks good. They tend to do a couple of serial ultrasounds for measurement, and if over the couple of weeks baby doesn't grow they will want baby out. While the lungs will likely be nice and mature, there are other concerns about an IUGR baby. A big one is feeding. The baby is smart, and should be sending most of the blood and nutrition to the brain, heart and lungs. That means that other organs don't get quite as much, and once the baby is born we have to be careful about making sure the gut is healthy and not pouring loads of food into an immature gut.

The other thing to keep in mind is that a baby that is IUGR won't have the fat and sugar stores that a bigger baby will. Stamina for eating may be an issue, but it basically means that the baby may have to build up the strength to be able to eat enough orally to maintain the body's needs and gain weight. Most hospitals have a weight and/or gestation requirement that will necessitate admission to the NICU. For us, you have to be over 2 kg and over 35 weeks to stay with mummy, those are the minimum requirements. If you stay with mummy, but can't keep sugars up or have the strength to eat, you get will also get admitted.

Canada also has laws about carseat safety, and at this point there is no car seat in Canada that is approved for a baby under 5 lbs. That being said, we have sent home kids that are smaller than that, but its with modifications to the carseat that can affect your insurance.

Try not to worry too much, and hopefully baby will pick up on the growth curve. If baby does have to come early, you are nice and far along, and hopefully all will be well. I have seend IUGR babies at 35/36 weeks that are monster feeders and do really well and go home in a few days. Just take it one step at a time, and know that they have your baby's best interests in mind.

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I'm not gonna be too much help on this one. I don't know why they would not let you carry to term. What I do know is not to trust google.

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I hope the baby's growth looks better at your next ultrasound- glad everything else looks good, though. Fingers crossed that you can keep baking that little one!

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Rhe ladies covered it all. Kesler is small to and the drs say once he stops growing then they willl take him out. If u need to talk I'm here. Crossing my fingers that all goes well on yur next u/s and plz kup. Sending prayers your way:bigarmhug:

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I don't have any advise to offer because I have never personally dealt with this issue, but I hope that the next u/s looks good and that you can keep that baby baking until you're term.