34 week appointment

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34 week appointment

I had another really easy appointment this morning. Took the two littles with me and they did great, besides DD1 pouring part of a cup of cold water all over her skirt and crotch in the stroller. Wink
I met another one of the OBs at the practice and I really liked her. She was an Asian lady (guessing Korean)... and she let DS hold the doppler and talked to him like a grown up explaining what she was doing when she went to listen for the heartbeat. Everything is right on track. My belly is measuring fine, heartbeat was around 150, urine fine, BP 108/60... I gained about a 1 1/4 lbs. since last appointment 2 weeks ago. I asked the dr. if she could feel to see what position baby is in as I'm sure I felt her flip last night. And she has turned diagnally... She said she would order an u/s for me for the next appointment so we can check baby's position and size since I said this one is a mover. Wink (I so wanted to see baby again anyways, since I've only had my 20 week u/s... and I think she could tell this. Wink ). I also scheduled all the rest of my appointments... 4 weeks in a row! CRAZY! Smile I see an OB next appointment in two weeks for the u/s and then the 2 midwives for my last 3 appointments. Yay! So happy I'm this close to the end. Smile

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That is a wonderful appointment! Glad everything is well and I hope the baby flips head down!

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sounds like a great appt!!! Yahoo

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Yay for a good appointment!

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Sounds very positive! I'm a little jealous that you get another sneak peek at your LO!!

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Yeah for a great appt. Thats so cute about the doppler

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Sounds like it was a good appt, yay!!!

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Glad you had a great appt! Smile