34 week appt

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34 week appt

It was a good appt. I haven't dilated anymore. The doc said I was in better shape then he expected me to be. Said I'm measuring right on for 34 weeks and so is Jayden. Said the procardia is not going to stop me from going into labor, just control the false labor contractions some. So if I start having strong consistent contractions that are getting stronger I'm gonna be in real labor. He made sure I was still on pelvic rest which I laughed about, told him not a problem its just me. He said once I reach 37 weeks I can find me a man....Lmao. I did loose 5lbs but he didn't say anything about it. So I'm allowed to do a bit more but still have to take it easy. I can still.go into labor at anytime but I am just on a week to week effort right now. Of course they have also moved my appts to weekly now as well. So now were aiming for week 35 & my next appt on Monday.

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all in all sounds like a good appt. Smile Weekly appt's!! That's when I start to get real excited! not too much longer now!!

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glad you had a good appt!!
crossing my fingers that Jayden stays in a lil longer!!

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Glad everything looked good, just a few more weeks and you're good to go!

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Great appt!!!!! Hopefully Jayden will just behave and stay put. The offer still stands for Simone to lay the smackdown if need be.

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Good job Cheryl! Keep baking that precious baby and take it easy! I hope you continue to carry to term!

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Glad everything went well at your Appt. And that Jayden is still hanging in there.

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Sounds like a good appointment all around! Biggrin

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Sounds very positive. You must be doing a good job of taking it easy! Tell Jayden he needs to stay comfy for a couple more weeks! Smile

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Glad things are looking good!