34 week appt.

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34 week appt.

Had my 34 week appointment this morning. All is well. HB was in the 140s and BP was fine. The doctor said that she thinks this little one is going to be a bit bigger than DD1 and DD2 were (DD1 was just over 8lbs and DD2 was just under 8lbs). So, I am guessing that she means 8.5-9lbs this time. I also got to schedule my c-section today. She will be here no later than Sept 14th.

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Sounds like a good appointment! That's exciting to know when her birthday will be!

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Great appointment!

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Yay for having a date! Smile Sounds like a good appt.

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Yay for a good appt. and a birthdate!!!

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yay for a good appt!!!! Biggrin

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Yahoo for a great appt and a birth date