34 wk appt (little TMI)

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34 wk appt (little TMI)

Well, I actually had a good appt for the most part. BP was good, no protein or sugar in my urine, no weight gain since I went Thursday. HB was good. Cervix is still closed. So, I'm still able to work. I go back next Monday.

On the not so good side of the appt. I have had a small hemorrhoid and have been putting stuff on it. Well, I noticed it had gotten a little bigger yesterday morning. By the time I went to bed last night, I was in severe pain. I was up and down all night last night trying to make it stop. So, I had him look at it today. It had gotten thrombosed (there was a small clot). So, he lanced it in the office. I was feeling good while the lidocaine was working. Since it has worn off, I have NEVER been in so much pain. Even with my c/s and gallbladder surgery. My MIL just brought me my pain medicine so I'm going to try to eat and take it. I'm hoping that it helps.

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oh man what a bummer. I have had hemorrhoids but used witch hazel and it cleared it up, i bet that is so painful to have one that bad. I hope the pain goes away soon for you!!

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I'm glad that everything is looking good with you and Carter and I hope that your 'friend' gets better soon!

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oh man that sounds painfull Sad hoping it feels better soon!!!
but Yahoo for a good appt otherwise!!!!

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you poor thing! I didn't even know what hemis were until this pregnancy. they are awful!

Glad everything went well with babe though! Hope you feel better!

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Ouch!! I hope you can get some pain relief!
Glad your appointment went well otherwise!

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I'm glad your appt. went well... and ouch on the hem thing. I think I started to develop my first one ever this weekend, but it seems to be going down now. I can't imagine having to get it lanced... OUCH!

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Ouch! That sounds awful Sad I hope it gets better soon!

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Yikes! Hope you feel better! And I'm glad that everything else went well.

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Glad everything is looking good and all is well. I've never had hemmoroids but hopefully yours goes away and stops making you miserable.

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Ouch, what a bummer. Thankfully it sounds like the rest of your appt. went well.

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Ouch!! I hope you heal quickly Sad

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ouch!!! sorry about the pain. hope it clears up quick! glad everything else looked good