35.4 week appt & DH vent

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35.4 week appt & DH vent

So I had my 35/36 week appointment yesterday. Everything was great...bp was 110/62 & babies Hr was 142. Thankfully she sat still this time, last month she wouldn't sit still and she almost had the poor nurse in tears (it was her first day!) We did the GBS test, i'm a bit worried about it because I was GBS+ last time and i'm trying to avoid fluids this time around.....but if it's + again i can deal with it Wink It's only 2 small bags of fluid and I can always ask to have the line heplocked in between doses so I'm not stuck to the bed this time. He did do an internal exam because I've been having so many random contractions and he said that I'm locked up like fort knox :eek:

i brought up the carpel tunnel stuff and he pretty much said "sorry, take some tylenol and it will go away when the baby comes" Sad So I went out last night and bought one night time wrist brace to see how it felt. I used it for part of the night last night on the wrist that hurts the worst and it does feel a bit better this morning.

And DH's sleep habits are driving me up a freaking wall!!! So Dh has to get up every morning and out the door by 6am, i understand that. That's actually 30 mintues later then he used to have to leave before we moved. I know he works hard, he's a heavy equipment mechanic (think tractors, big rigs, large equipment) so I know that he's lifting heavy things all day and it's hot out. but every day he comes home and after 20 mintues of "playing with DS" he's asleep on the couch. And heaven forbid we accidentally wake him up....but he's asleep in the living room where DS is playing...how are we not supposed to wake him up. Then he usually sleeps for an hour instead of watching DS while i cook. Then hops on his phone internet and goes out for a smoke :eek:

So my biggest problem is that after dinner he starts drinking coffee (usually around 5 or 6pm) and then when DS goes to sleep he has to go in the garage to work on paintball guns. We own our own business and a large part of it is fixing guns for customers. i understand this but hes out there for hours!!! Sometimes it's well after midnight before he comes to bed but I just figured out that he's not in the garage that whole time, he's downstairs watching TV and eating crappy food. So now I'm totally frustrated because the reason he's too tired to help with DS when he gets home is because he chooses to stay up. Hes only getting 4-5 hours of sleep before work...I would be tired too. but I don't get to be tired because i stay home with DS, I don't even get to sit down and put my feet up until after 7.

So it all came to a head last night around 1:30am and turned into a huge fight. He woke me up for the 3rd time to tell me that I was snoring and I lost it. He was up watching TV in bed and i was bothering him.....It's our freaking bed....that's where i'm supposed to snore. I screamed at him to just go to f*#%^ng sleep and I wouldn't be bothering him. Which of course turned into him telling me how much he hates me and how all I do is ***** at him anymore.....so I went to sleep in the recliner in DS's room. Well now I have totoally swollen feet because i had to sleep sitting up (the recliner is loud and i didn't want to kick out the foot part for fear of having to deal with a toddler at 2am) Granted I slept pretty damn well and the carpel tunnel didnt kick in at all :eek: but i'm so tired of this wake up early, nap, too much coffee, stay up to late routine he is on. I'm so stressed out that he's going to be no help when DD gets here. I have no idea how I am going to deal with 2 kiddos on this schedule, it almost makes me feel like a single parent with a crappy roommate Sad

Sorry that was so long but i felt like i was going to explode! If you go this far you deserve a medal Smile

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I totally understand the frustration with dh's sleeping habbits. my dh is the same. he is a night owl. he stays up all night sometimes (sometimes is awake for 24hrs at a time, and then passes out inconveniently when I need him to do something) he stays up usually until like 3am-4am, and then he wonders why he is so tired in the mornings when I wake him up at 8:30, and he's sooo hard to wake up. He sleeps right through the alarm. Every now and then I have to sit him down and have a "talk" with him about how i am unhappy with his selfish sleep habits. try to take some one on one time with you dh and see if you can talk to him about it some more.

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I totally understand about the sleep habits, too. Dh's job is pretty important and he is the only one in his dept on the east coast, so he is essentially on Cali time. He doesn't get up half the time til 9am b/c a lot of nights he is up working til 12-2am. We don't have a tv in our room and I refuse to put one there b/c I dream about what is on the tv and it can get disturbing.

If I were brave in your shoes, I'd switch out the coffee for decaf! That would be interesting. Biggrin

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:bigarmhug:I'm so sorry that you are going through this. I don't know how I would function without my DH, he literally did everything when I was working, and still does even though I'm off! I hope it gets better. You don't need that stress in the state you are in.

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I'm so sorry that you have to deal with this, especially right now! DH is a night person and I'm a morning person, and while it's worked out well for us for the most part, there have definitely been times when it has caused problems! I hope you guys can work something out- I like Joni's idea of switching out the coffee to decaf! Wink

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"jonibug" wrote:

If I were brave in your shoes, I'd switch out the coffee for decaf! That would be interesting. Biggrin

LOL! That's a great idea! You should do that!! Smile

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ughh, well DH and i still aren't on speaking terms :violent2: according to him i'm being a cranky you know what and I'm not in the mood to fight anymore. My mom came over today and that was a huge help. She got a ton of stuff done for me that I've been after dh to do but never got done. Even the little stuff like carry the clean laundry and vaccum up stairs for me :eek: She did however remind me that DH did this EXACT same thing when I was about 36 week with DS. Even to the point where he was throwing around the "D" word :eek: I was hoping that it only happened last time because he was going to be a dad for the first time but obviously this is a normal pattern for him.

And I did tell him today that i was personally going to go to the store and buy him decaf and force him to drink it at night. i understand liking the taste of it, I used to be right there with him but I had to grow up when DS was born and start thinking of the kiddos over what I wanted. So....I'm going to bed early to leave him alone with his internet and TV. i have my baby shower tomorrow and I really need this swelling in my feet to go down.

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Sorry you're having to deal with a stupid DH right now! Sometimes men are just so clueless, I agree about us having to grow up when we have kiddos, why is it that our DH's don't feel that they need to also?

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Wow I wanted to come through the screen and choke out your DH while I was reading this! I can't believe he says things like that to you! Honestly if you voicing your concerns doesn't seem to be getting through to him I would definitely look into some marriage counseling. DH and I went through a really rough patch a few years back and we were on the brink of divorce, but thankfully we didn't have to go the counseling route, as we really started communicated to each other more and our marriage is better than ever now.

On a better note, your CTS will go away right after birth. I had it with DD and the day that I had her it was gone... thank God lol!

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I'm glad your appt. went well but sorry to hear you're having DH issues right now. I hope he came to his senses and apologized.