35+5 midwife appointment

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35+5 midwife appointment

I got to meet the "head" midwife today, I really like her.

She went over basically the whole pregnancy with me, since I transferred to them at 28 weeks, which was nice, as they had my due date wrong (according to them, Im 37+2, but I had 4 1st trimester ultrasounds that said otherwise).

HB, BP, weight, measurements were all fine.

Got to do the GBS swab today (yay)

Got a lot of reassurance from her about the "if you DO end up with a c-section, you will be 100% positive that everything that COULD have been done to avoid one WAS done. That is what we do. (they are a CNM group in a tertiary care teaching hospital).

Also got told to fix my posture and find a better chiropractor LOL

So, I have a new chiro appt set up for Monday at 6 pm (thank goodness!) and Im working on posture and relaxing.

Also got some strict instructions to quit acting like Im not pregnant and stop picking up/carrying the 3 year old.


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LOL, you were sure told!

Glad it was a good appointment and I am glad they are on your side!

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I'm glad it was a good appointment! That whole not picking up the 3-year-old is a lot easier said than done, isn't it? Then again, I got yelled at for moving furniture today, so maybe I need to take the same advice ;-).

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Glad you had a good appt Smile

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Sounds like a good appointment!! I still pick up my little guy but he's only 24lbs so a bit lighter than a typical 3 year old

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Sounds like a good appt. Take some time and rest. Not going to be much resting once the LO gets here.

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Glad you had a good appt. It was a lot easier for me to stop picking up Brandon since he's 4 but it was still hard. I had to train him to be able to do things, like get in the car by himself, etc.