35 week appt

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35 week appt

Yeah I made it to 35 weeks! Appt was uneventful, bp 120/60, hr 156, I'm measuring right on. Doc said keep going & I get to stop the procardia at 36 weeks.

A friend of mine from the army wife has been in labor now for at least 33 hours. Her water broke and after 24 hrs she was only 1.5 cm dilated. Oh & she's 2 weeks over due. They gave her pitocin finally and last he posted she was 8 cm. How awful! I asked my doc about it cause I thought that was crazy to make her go that long. He agreed & said they would not do that to me. So I was relieved. I mean the poor girl has to be exhausted she's gonna have no energy to push.

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I saw the title of your post and immediately thought "yay! She made it!". Smile

As for your buddy's wife, that actually used to be a standard to wait 24 hours before augmenting labor after water has broken. She may have been trying to avoid pitocin (which I could totally understand, it comes with it's own issues).

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Yay for making it this far Smile

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Yay! So happy you made it to 35 weeks. That is fabulous news!!!

As far as your friend went... I labored naturally over 30 some hours with DS and has plenty of push in me... some people, like me, really want to avoid pitocin. It really is up to the individual person... Yes, I was exhausted, but DS came out just fine. Wink

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yay!!!!! for making it this far!!!!!!!!! Yahoo

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I give you girls props for being in labor that long. I guess I really shouldn't say to much cause I had been in labor for close to 3 days when I went into the hospital this last time.

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Glad everything looks good and yay for 35 weeks!

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I'm so glad you made it to 35 weeks! Glad you get to go off the procardia next week :D. WOW about your friend, that is really freakin insane. Pitocin shoulda been started a bit sooner IMO, but still, wow. I bet she'll be super glad to have that baby out!

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Cheryl, Congrats on making it to 35 weeks!! So glad to hear everything is going well!


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So glad you made it to 35 weeks! As for your friend, there are a lot of reasons why some people try to avoid pitocin at all costs, and usually with labor (even a long labor) the whole thing isn't really intense. Remember that it tends to be a gradual increase... like you said- you were having contractions for three days when you went to the hospital! Not that you wouldn't be tired at the end of a long labor, but it can be done :-).

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So glad that you made it to 35 wks and had a good appt.

I know where I work, we would not have let her labor that long without starting pitocin a long time ago. I hope everything goes well for her.

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Poor girl! I have never heard of someone going that long without intervention.

It sounds like Jayden is behaving himself! Good job Cheryl!