35 Week Appt.

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35 Week Appt.

I just realized I forgot to post on Tuesday about my appt.

It was a pretty routine appt. My urine sample was good, BP was good, however, MY hb was up at 121, which is where it was when I left the hospital last week when I was in being monitored. The nurse commented that it was rather high and right away I thought "oh no, not again!" but my pee was good, so we'll see I guess. The nurse said I gained a lb and a half, however the scale was still down on the 'too much' side of things. Had she made it level it would have said the same that I was last appt, so in my books I haven't lost or gained. I hate when they can't get it right!

My belly is measuring right on, and baby girls hb was all over, ranging from the 130's - 140s. Scary that my own hb was pretty damn close to hers :eek:. Since my GBS swab was done in the hospital last week, we didn't have to do that, but we have to wait till probably next week since my nurse practitioner won't have the results, it'll go to my delivering Dr. I asked about it since I had it in the beginning, and she said chances are, since I had it then, I will have it now, and I asked about procedures. I've never had it before so Im clueless. She said procedure is, I get an antibiotic 4-5 HOURS BEFORE delivery that way it's not passed on to the baby from me. I said ok... but what happens if I'm too far gone and they can't give it to me? She said well, I don't think they worry about that then, they'd do what's needed after she's born. I have my doubts I'd be in that active labour and go that fast, I never have with any of my kids. My fastest one was 3 1/2 hours and that was only AFTER they threw the pitocin drip in me cause my water had broke but nothing was progressing. But now it's kinda something else to think/worry abit on. I know that it can cause serious issues if not treated, so now I'm kinda wondering, and anxious to get to my appt which is next Friday, so that we can go over what we should/shouldn't do if it's positive.

I also was issued my 'walking papers' just in case I go into labour before my next appt. When she said that I was like "oh... already?" lol. I thought maybe next week she woulda gave them but I guess the earlier the better in some cases.

I can't believe this week is just about over and I'll be heading on to 36 weeks where I can stop worrying and having 'talks' with her to behave herself and stay put so we can deliver close to home. The weeks are just flying by now, and I thought it would be slow. I was also hoping it would go slow because heather starts school in September and I'm kinda not looking forward to that lol.

Was a pretty good appt, and pretty standard one, but now I'm starting to feel the anxiety of how close I am. I only just did this last year and things are settled and here I am, going to start all over again... some days I'm just not sure I can do it :confused:.

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Sounds like a good appt. I was GBS+ this time also. Which being a c/s, didn't mean anything. Time went by fast for me at the end this time. Hope it continues to go that way for you.

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Glad your appt. went well. The time does seem to be flying by.

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Glad you appt went well!!!
Cant believe babies are guna be here b4 we know it!!! :eek:

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Great appointment! That little girl will be here really quickly!

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Sounds like everything is right on track! Don't worry too much about the GBS. Basically you want to go to the hospital sooner rather than later when in labour to get those antibiotics in. Every hospital has their own policy about timing, but if you don't get the antibiotics in the time frame they want, then they will do one of a couple of things, depending on the situation.

they will likely do blood work on the baby. Then depending on what their rules are, they will either put a saline lock in the baby and give her antibiotics while they wait for the bloodwork to come back (48 hours) or they won't. Usually the baby will stay with mummy and the nurses give the antibiotics a couple of days through the saline lock. If they go that route, it does mean you can't go home before 48 hours. That being said, every hospital has different rules, thats what we do here.

Ideally you get your antibiotics in, baby girl is happy after she's born and thats it. But it would be good idea to find out what the rules are where you will be deliverying if that doesn't happen.

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Glad the appt went well...she'll be here so soon, you must be so excited.

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Glad you had a good appointment! Don't worry too much about the GBS+. You'll get two doses of IV antibiotics if you're at the hospital on time. One of my best friends was GBS+ and had her baby in the car on the way to the hospital (so she obviously did not get the antibiotics) and all they did was observe the baby afterwards- she was totally fine. It definitely helps if your water doesn't break until the last possible moment (it helps protect the baby) so if your water doesn't break on its own, you might consider not allowing the doctor to break it as long as your labor is progressing fine.

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Thanks everyone. So far I've had 2 where my water broke on it's own, and 2 where they had to break it. With Hailey I went in with contractions steady for a couple hours - every 5 or so mins apart, and after monitoring me for a while, the plan was to break my water to see if things picked up. That didn't help, so they ended up putting the pitocin in me.

My delivering Dr is a good Dr, so I know he'll do whatever is best if it is positive. I just hope it's negative so it's not one more thing to think/worry about since I know it can be a serious thing Smile