36+5 week appointment update (XP)

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36+5 week appointment update (XP)

Alrighty, then. Cassandra will officially be "term" on Saturday. Im thinking that Saturday would be a GREAT birthday, if she decides to come. Any vibes that people want to put out for "sooner rather than later" would be appreciated....

So, I saw Dr K (the good chiro) again today and she put me back together AGAIN and taped me up to keep things in place. She also told me to get a maternity support belt to help things STAY in place this time.

I saw one of the midwives that I like a lot today at my appointment, and things look pretty good except for some swelling (yes, STILL), which she's pretty concerned about given that I've been seriously monitoring and minimizing my sodium intake. Blood pressure was up (138/85) on the wrist cuff thingy but normal on the regular sphygmomanometer, and only trace protein in the urine, so hopefully no preeclampsia. She's happy with my numbers in terms of the GD (yay!).

She wants me to do a (tmi) 24 hour urine collection thing on Wednesday and turn it in on Thursday, and also next week, we'll be starting weekly biophysical profiles in the maternal observation unit in the hospital to make sure things are going ok (mostly due to the GD).

Honestly, Im kind of hoping that I dont make it that long (Saturday REALLY sounds awfully good). I think I probably will, though.

Um...I think that's pretty much it.

Oh yeah (ETA): My GBS is negative, so no ancef for me. Yay!

Just tired. last night was AWFUL for sleeping.

Luckily, this weekend, I SHOULD be able to rest. Brayden is going to the beach with my parents tomorrow and wont be back until Monday, so no 6 am alarm clocks coming in our room and freaking out because I cant pick him up into the bed anymore.

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Yay for a good appt. Glad the chiro put you back together. Hope you get some much needed rest this weekend. I wish I could have a kidless night so I could sleep all night and then sleep late in the morning. Take it easy and prop those feet up!

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Yay for being term and GBS neg!! Yahoo
Crossing my fingers that she makes her appearence on SAT!!
Glad you had a good appt!!!!

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I am glad you saw you chiro again. I hope you get some relief! Have a restful weekend.

Congrats on GBS neg!

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I am glad things are going well, minus the swelling. Smile