36 weeks!!!!!

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36 weeks!!!!!

Yahoo I made it! Two weeks ago I never thought I would but here it is, I can now deliver at the hospital I want with my midwife. Very happy today Smile I have been contracting all night, haven't timed them yet since I just 'woke up' (you know, other than the 47729845686942 other times I woke up last night Lol ) and I have a midwife appointment in about 2 hours so we'll see if this goes anywhere. I'm 4 days away from the longest I've ever been pregnant now Smile I finally packed my bag and the kids bags yesterday so we're as ready as we'll ever be...now it's just waiting for him to be ready.

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Yahoo thats amazing...congrats on making it this far and for being able to deliver where you want. Can't wait to hear of his arrivial.

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awesome!!! Smile yay for 36 weeks!!

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Horay for 36 weeks! Glad you got your bags packed and are ready for D-Day now. Smile

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YAY! Congrats on making it this far :woohoo:. Your post reminds me of mine I just posted LOL. Both are similar, though different in it's own way. Here's hoping you can make it another 4+ days! KUP on how your appt goes today!

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That is so exciting! I've checked out your ticker a few times in the last couple days to see how close you were- congrats on making it to 36 weeks!!! I'm so glad that you can now deliver where you want to, with the care provider you want!

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Great milest ones but I hope you continue to bake!

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How exciting!!!

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Yay, that's awesome!!!

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Congrats! Hopefully you'll keep going even longer!

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Congrats on reaching this milestone! YAY! Hopefully, you and baby will keep on chugging along together for a while longer. Biggrin

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Awesome!! Way to go, Mandi!!!

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Wow - only 4 more days until you are the most pregnant you've ever been! That is awesome! Congrats on the 36 weeks milestone! So glad that is means you can try for the birth you want!

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I was just popping over to check on you and see if you were still pg! Congrats on making it to 36 weeks!

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That gives me some hope that I will make it to 36 weeks! I've been stalking you since it seems like we had been having the same issues. And this Friday will be the longest I have ever been pregnant. Smile