37+5 update

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37+5 update

I am so jealous of all of you ladies who are cuddling your new little ones!

I had a midwife appt and a BPP today, and I guess we get to settle in for the long haul.

She's doing fine. Still really high and flip flopping all over the place (she's been in every single position today except transverse/breech). BP is good, did a 24 hour urine and a bunch of labs today. Hopefully those will all be good as well.

Asked for a check, on the off chance that something might be able to be done to help speed things along, but unsurprisingly, no such luck. Closed, thick and high. :confused:

NST went just fine. Was having fairly frequent BH, but also was having some real (mildly painful, pretty high peaked) contractions about every 10 minutes on the monitor.

Got a 10/10 on the BPP, and she's measuring 6 lb 15 oz, give or take.

Dr T (the peri that did the BPP) is a bit surprised that nothing is scheduled yet (like a RCS or induction), but he didnt make a huge deal of it. Hopefully he wont next week either. The appointment was LONG though, he was 1.5-2 hours behind.

Splurged on dinner tonight and went to Hoffbrau....still waiting for sugars to come down a bit (yeah...I had some potato skins....I know...bad....but I had to eat SOMETHING besides nuts and seeds!!!!!)

Also saw Dr K (the GOOD chiro), she put my pelvis back together again, which was nice. Hopefully, it'll stay for longer than a day this time!

Working 1/2 day tomorrow, and have a massage scheduled for 1.5 hours in the afternoon.

Brayden's going to DH's parents tomorrow and we'll pick him up on Sunday.

Monday is off.

Im just tired, and TRYING to repeat over and over to myself that the check doesnt MEAN ANYTHING.

I was just HOPING that this time I would magically be ready early and NOT have her wait until the last possible second and have to be kicked out like her big brother. Not looking so good at this point.



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Glad your appt. went well. This little guy doesn't seem in any hurry to come out either. Hopefully baby will speed things along and not keep you waiting too much longer.

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Glad the appointment went well! Sorry about the results of the check- I can relate. I had my first one yesterday at 40 + 1 and wasn't even dilated enough for them to do a sweep. Ugh. I'm glad you got to eat something you enjoy, even if you have to keep an eye on your sugars for a bit now!

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sorry about the bummer with the cervix check. but hey enjoy your massage! Smile