37 Week appointment

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37 Week appointment

Went well. My weight has stayed constant for 2 weeks, I didn't ask for measurements. Baby's HB was 169. The doctor watched it for several minutes but apparently there was no concern. I love the quick appointments! And I am GBS negative!

I have also been nauseous for the last several days. I was told it was probably a side effect of reflux (I taste it but it is not painful). He told me I can take OTC Zantac full dose o help me feel better - thought i would share if anyone else was having this problem...

When I arrived, the only spot left in the lot was the one for expectant mother. Usually I leave them for those that are more sore/ struggling more than me but because it was the last one and I was rushing a bit, I took it. On the way out, I was glared at by this expectant mom whodidn't get one of the "expectant mom" spots. Had I been out of the vehicle when I saw it, I would have said something. Although I feel really big, I am fairly small for 37 weeks but still obviously pregnant and have every right to the spot as she did. I don't know why it ticked me off so badl but it did!

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Yay for the great appt. Yahoo

The same thing happened to me with the expectant mother spot. I was already in the car and it made it hard for the girl to see that I was pregnant but she glared at me because I had the spot and she didn't. And the funniest thing about it was that I was TWICE the size of her...Me pregnant with twins @ about 30 weeks and she looked to be about 6 maybe 7. I think I deserved the spot more!

Some ppl are just rude

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I'm glad the appointment went well! Yay for being GBS-! Sorry about the obnoxious girl... that would have bothered me as well. When I was pregnant with DD, I never got a single expectant mother parking space, anywhere I went. So this pregnancy, I have been taking them when they are available and not feeling bad about it! Lol!

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Glad your appt. went well. I don't know why she was so upset, it's not like you weren't pregnant. I rarely get expectant mother spots but at BRU they have like 10 and no one ever uses them but me, lol.

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