37 weeks

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37 weeks

So I had my second nst of the week today and then had to rush down the street for my 37 week growth scan. Baby passed nst with flying colors but still no contractions (there was only one out of ten sessions that showed any contractions and nothing since then).

I was really nervous about the growth scan because I thought baby may have flipped transverse. On the way there though baby reassured me all was well as he gave me several loving head butts to the bladder, lol. The scan showed baby is head down and everything looks good. His growth also stabilized so he's only measuring around 6lbs 14oz.

They haven't done any cervical checks so I have no idea if there's any progress going on down there but since I'm not really having contractions I'm guessing there's not much happening. OB says baby can come whenever he wants now...hopefully within the next week we'll start to see some progress.

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You are dping such a great job baking this baby! I wasn't checked until labour and if it is any relief, it kept my stress level down!

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Lenora, that is just wonderful news all around! Biggrin

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So happy you have made it to 37 weeks!!! What a great milestone to hit. Biggrin Glad baby is doing so well, growing and passing your nst's... that's great! I'm glad this pregnancy is going smoothly for you.

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Yay for 37 weeks! So glad that everything is looking good!

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Great, great news.!!!!!! I bet you will be happy to not have to do the 2 NST's a week pretty soon. I know for me, Thursday can't come any sooner.

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Yay for the good news!!! and for being term!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Sounds good! Yay for being term now!!!

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good news! glad things are going smoothly