37 weeks today!!! What?

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37 weeks today!!! What?

It was a bit odd telling DH last night that i would be considered "term" come this morning. On one hand I feel like I found out I was pg yesterday, on the other hand, I feel like Simone can't get here any sooner.

Last night I had some BH contractions that were 10-15 mins apart, but nothing strong enough to convince me they were worth calling the Dr. over. DH says she will be here before the 16th. I say she's just toying with is.

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Congrats for making it to term, hoping she makes an appearance for you soon.

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yay for term!!! Smile

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Yay for being full term! Smile

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Yay for being full-term.

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Yay for 37 weeks! Woohoo!

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Happy full-term!

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Wow!:) Yay for being term. I am not too far behind you, thankfully!!

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wahoo!!!! yay for term!!!!! Biggrin