38 week appt

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38 week appt

133 lbs. HB in 140's. 75% effaced. 2cm dilated. Still high up. Sad Group B test negative. Iron is low, have to start taking iron pills again, yuck! Belly measures 39 weeks. Midwife is scheduling induction, waiting to hear what day it will be on.

All in all a good appt, I just wish Logan would drop down lower lol I need to do some more walkin'!!

Yay! Midwife just called, my scheduled induction is September 9th! Smile

I am super excited yet worried, because DS1 has preschool that day! I'd hate for him to miss his full day of preschool. yikes!! Smile I will have to talk to my sister and see if she can take him.

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Glad your appt went well. Hope you get an induction date that works well for you.

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How exciting to have a date!

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Glad your appt went well and Yahoo for having a date.

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Glad you had a good appt. Sept 9 is right around the corner!!!