38ish week appointment

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38ish week appointment

Everything looking good. BP diastolic a little high, 109/91, but I'm not worried. Baby sounds good, weight the same. She checked me, and I'm 1 cm, still long, but not overly high (cervix position). Again, doesn't concern me, I really need to try to make it Sept 21. Thats my first day of mat leave, and they have been unable to replace me, so my work partner is freaking out. We have new staff starting next week, and I am scheduled to teach both the 19 and 20. Literally, if I have the baby before then I may have to strap him/her to my chest and come in anyway!

She did confirm that second plus babies often don't drop till labour, so she's not concerned that the head is still high. Have had a lot of discharge and some cramping since the exam, but I know that is normal. All in all a good appointment, and I'm sure I'll still be pregnant next week!

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Glad you had a good appt. I hope baby stays in until the 21st.

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YAy for good appointments!

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Glad everything is looking good. Hope you can keep that baby baking until the 21st.

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Glad it was a good appointment! I hope you can keep that little one baking until your maternity leave starts!

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Glad you had a good appt!

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Glad the appt was good