39 week appt (XP)

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39 week appt (XP)

I had my 39 week appointment yesterday and everything was fine with baby and me!

BP was nice and low, hb was in the 140s, baby is head down a 'halfway' engaged (so maybe he's just thinking about being engaged? lol)

The mw offered to check me if I was interested, but I declined. Becuase my labor with DS was so short, and we live 45 min away from the birth center, she told me that she would like to check me next week to see if I've made any progress. Not becuase it will give her a better idea of when I'll go into labor, but becuase we'll have a better idea if this will be another fast labor.

Overall, it was a great appt! DS was with me, and asked if she had a vacuum at her office - she pulled out her dust-buster and let him play with it the rest of the appointment!

Lots more contractions last night and this morning, but no real pattern to them or anything. I am just wiped today! I have a few more things to do for work that HAVE to get done this afternoon, and my house is a mess again, so I think I am going to tackle laundry today and cleaning tomorrow. Oh the exciting life I lead! Smile

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Glad you had a good appt! You have as exciting of a life as I do!!

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Haha, oh the exciting lives of us moms!!:)

Glad things went well. You don't have too much longer!

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Everything sounds great! At my appt. yesterday... DD and DS were excited about the retractable tape measures, so my mw let them each bring one home! She said they get them free anyways. Wink

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Glad everything went well!!

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Yay for a great appointment! That is too funny about your son asking about a vacuum! He can come play at my house! Wink
I hear you about starting all over with the cleaning and laundry- these days I can't even get caught up before it's time to start again!

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yay for a good appt!! Biggrin

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Yay for a great appt. Put your feet up and enjoy your time before you have a very dependent newborn to look after!

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I loV the great appointments!