39w checkup and question(tmi)

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39w checkup and question(tmi)

went well.. no weight change. heart sounded great. my bloodwork came back great! my platelets are in the normal range. so no more blood draws until labor. no change in progress so still 2cm 50%. though a woman checked me the past two weeks and a man checked me today, so i wonder if a change in hand size changes perception?? who knows wishful thinking huh, lol.

this dr has very casual manner. asked me what i felt about having a baby next week or if i wanted to induce. the question threw me off. i told him briefly the craziness of next week. he told me to talk to my DH and if we wanted to induce close to the due date we can. but if we induce monday even then i'm missing the first day of preschool. i said he has a "good feeling" something will happen before the week for whatever that is worth. idk!

for the tmi question...i know spotting after an internal exam is common. the last couple exams i've had my spotting has been kinda brownish...tonight it's very pink with a few, very minimal, blood clots. is this anything that i could see in my favor, or is this a normal kind of exam spotting. i've been contracting a bit this evening but no different than the last week. like every 15mins for an hour then nothing really worth mentioning.

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Glad your appt. went well.

I'm no help on the internal exams. I haven't had any this pg and the only one I had last time was after I had already been induced. I'm sure someone more knowledgeable will chime in.

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Yay for a great appt and a possible induction. I'm not too sure thought about the bleeding with the exam. Every time I've been checked nothing has happened afterwards.

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Glad the appointment went well! I think things could go either way with the internal. You can bleed and contract for a bit and then have nothing happen, or you could not have any bleeding and it could help you go into labor. Or vice versa. My midwife said it can even take 48 hours after before anything happens.

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I've had two internals so far and have bled heavy both times. The first time I started bleeding about 2 hours later. I passed a few clots and had pink blood for about an hour. This last exam I wasn't even off the table yet and was bleeding heavy. I bled for about 3 hours after that one. My doctor said that it is normal.