3D ultrasound & swing

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3D ultrasound & swing

So my vacation is going good. I'm so much more relaxed now and had time to think thru a lot of things and how I can deal w them. I got to go swimming yesterday which was fun. Today my moms friend called and her neighbor was having a garage sale with all kinds of baby stuff. I found a few cute outfits and the best was I got my baby swing. They had the one I wanted and I only paid $40. WOOHOO!!!!!!

I'm even more excited cause I looked around and found a 3D ultrasound place that was a lot cheeper then in Ohio and I got so much more. The best part of all is my mom & stepdad are going w me. I know they won't make it to Ohio in time for the birth but at least this will be something special I can share w my mom. I'll post pics when I can.

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Yahoo sounds like both are great finds!! Smile

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Sounds awesome! Enjoy your time and cant wait to see pics!

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Glad you're having a good time! Great find on the swing and the ultrasound!

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I am glad your having a good vacation and sounds like a awesome find on the swing. Thats nice you get to take your family to the 3D u/s cant wait too see pics!!!

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Way to score on the swing and the 3D/4D place. Can't wait to see pictures!

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Great news x2! Can't wait to see pictures

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YAY for the swing. I am so glad you are having a great time. What a treat for your family to be able to go to your 3D u/s. Can't wait to see pics

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I am glad you got the rest you needed and were able to spend time with family!

Isn't it hilarious that something such as a swing can get us so excited!