40 week appt yesterday

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40 week appt yesterday

I had my 40 week appointment yesterday (even though my due date is tomorrow), and everything is still looking good. HB was in the 150s, bp was still nice and low, and my belly measured 39 weeks.

I had my first internal check, and my mw discovered that I am 4cm, 50% effaced and that my cervix is 'very, very' soft. However, she also mentioned that baby's head is still quite high, and isn't engaged. I went ahead and had her do a sweep, but so far it looks like baby just isn't ready yet.

I had a very uncomforatble night last night with contractions and cramps, but I haven't lost any plug, and not even the sweep caused spotting. Today has been very quiet baby-symptom wise. I am really crossing my fingers that something happens this weekend - or even tonight/tomorrow! My DS was born on his due date - how cool would it be if BOTH my kids were born on their due dates??

Oh well, if he's not ready I'm not going to rush him. It's not even my due date yet! Today has truly been the first day that I feel 'done' with being pregnant, and my excitement over meeting this new little boy has trumped birth fears, work issues, getting my house ready, etc.

Hope everyone else is having a good day!!

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Glad appt went well, I hope baby comes very soon for you! Smile

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Glad to hear the appt went well and can't wait to hear the baby is here.

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Glad the appointment went well! Hope he comes soon for you!

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4 cm and 50% effaced is a great place to start labor! Smile So glad you feel ready for baby to come. Hope to "meet" him soon.

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hope baby comes soon!!!!!

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It sounds like you're getting there. Hope baby comes soon!