4th of July plans?

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4th of July plans?

Happy Fourth of July everyone! We are starting out the day here by listening to some patriotic songs and waiting for DH to finish cooking breakfast. Wink

Anyone have any exciting plans?

We're hoping to go to the pool this morning and then just hanging out this afternoon and maybe to the 4th festival in the evening at a nearby town. We bought a few fireworks yesterday to set off with the littles at home this evening. The weather is supposed to be mid-90's... not exactly conducive to spending lots of time outside today.

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Not much planned for today, I did get to sleeping in..WOOT! We will be heading to my il's for a cookout and some sparkles etc and we might try to catch the fireworks in town later. The high here today is 96 and I did alot yestreday so I am still pooped so I am going to try and relax some!!!!

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took gage to see fireworks last night... nothing going on today that i know of... dishes... and cleaning for me lol you girls who are goin to cookouts eat some yummy food for me... my mouth is watering just thinking bout it lol hope every one has a happy 4th of july!!!

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Not much going on here. I got to sleep in (yay!) and I have been taking it easy because my ankles/feet and hands decided to start swelling. We're going to a friend's house tonight for fireworks. We were going to go to the pool, but didn't feel up to it. I need to grocery shop, but that's not very exciting!

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We went to see fireworks last night, didn't get home till after 11, it was a long day! Today we're going to a BBQ party at a friends house that will be super kids friendly. We have a bunch of our own fireworks to let off. That's my kids favorite part of coming to visit lol! I'm really looking forward to seeing my friends and letting my boys let some steam off. We'll probably be there fairly late as well.

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Happy 4th of july!!!! Hope u all had a great weekend!! Smile

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DH and DS went to MIL's for lunch. I got to work! Yay! LOL! I have contracted again all day today so we aren't doing anything tonight.

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My SIL and BIL became U.S. citizens today!!!! Dh DD1 went to the ceremony while I kept the twins home so they could nap and be rested for the remainder of the day. We had a gathering at their house with their friends and the family. Then we went to my BIL's house for hotdogs and such. The local CBS news came out to interview our family. So we're up waiting to see the piece they put together. They took video of us, interviewed my FIL, BIL and of course my SIL and BIL and DH. Should be interesting to see what shots they use, they were there for a good half hour-45 mins and the piece will be less than 3 mins long.

Here is the article on the website, no video yet(cute shots of the kids in it)


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We had a nice time today. I made my mom a birthday cake cause its her b-day. She decided she didn't want to go out so we invited the neighbors over and cooked steaks on the grill. We went earlier in the day and bought some sparklers etc and played with those after dark.

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We were camping all weekend by my family. I got to cuddle a tiny little 5 week old all weekend Biggrin but I don't really reccomend sleeping on those camper foam mattresses at this stage in the game...my hips absolutely ache! Anyways, we came home yesterday around noon and then went to my in-laws for their big 4th of July bash they have every year. Came home, got the kids clean and put them to bed and I was asleep before 9pm...I didn't hear a thing until morning even though I know some of our neighbors lit off some fireworks Lol I'm still pretty exhausted and 'sunned out' but it was definitely a fun weekend. My girls got to go tubing for the first time and they loved it, I was slightly jealous that I couldn't do it. We went up and visited an iron mine and got to go down and see the inside of it. It was pretty fun.