6 month appointment

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6 month appointment

Just got back from my 6 month check up. Everthing was relativley normal except that I GAINED 10 POUNDS THIS MONTH!!!!! i have no freaking idea how it happened and i'm totally pissed off :violent2: I knew I was eating more, mostly stress eating, but I didn't think it was that bad. I've also been extremly tired and not wanting to do anything so that probably was the straw that broke the fat camels back ROFL I called my mom and MIL and asked them very nicely to stop stressing me out with crap that isn't necessary, like drama over the baby showers and nursery and who gets to see DS and when. Its causing me to have anxiety attacks and heartburn which leads me to stay up to the wee hours of the morning eating ceral, weird but it helps ;). Hopefully they get the hint!

Other than that everything was great. My BP was 128/72, babies heart rate was 152 and I'm measuring right on track. I have my Glucose test next week, yuck, and a blood panel as well. I was a bit worried because I've been having really random pains around my belly button on top of the numbness I get at the bottom of my rib cage afte I eat. Of course I totally forgot to ask about it during the appointment because i was so freaked out by the weight gain, but I called right after I left and talked with the NP about it. They said the numbness is from my ribs splitting :eek: and that the belly button pain is caused by my placenta???? She said there was nothing to worry about but that fact that somehow my placenta is causing me pain has me a tiny bit freaked out!

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Glad the baby looks good and I wish you luck w/ your GD test!
I also did not realize hat your ribs can split :eek: ouch!

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Glad that you had an overall good appt. Sorry about the weight gain. I gained 8 lbs last month if that makes you feel any better. Good luck with your GD test next week.

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Glad your appt. went well. I've gained quite a bit in this last month too, but I was reading on my pg app. that babies go through a big growth spurt around this time and mommies often gain a fair bit of weight as a result. Good luck with your GD test.

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Glad to hear everything is going well. Don't stress about the weight gain, just hope that its not an average for every month that is left! Hopefully this month will be less, and it will all equal out lol.

My OB says she has lots of patients that won't look at the scale and don't want to know the numbers, they just want to know if its "ok". She tells them either "its fine", "I'd like to see a little more" or "I'd like to see a little less". I'm leaning towards that as I get stressed when I see I'm still losing. And I know I will gain in the end and being overweight prior to getting pregnant I hate seeing the numbers go up too high.

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Glad your appt. went well. If your dr. wasn't concerned about the weight gain, then you shouldn't be either. I've been gaining pretty steady each month, but more than I gained with either of my other two pregnancies... probably because I have had a couple of off weeks where I just sat around and didn't do much and we have had visitors and lots of dessert in the house!

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Glad you had a good appt. Sorry about the weight gain I know how sad it is to see the scale move Sad but glad baby sounds good Smile and I had no idea ur ribs could split now that sounds painful

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Glad everything went well. I gained 8.5 lbs this month too. Sounds like many of us gained a bit extra this month so hopefully a growth spurt is right. Good luck with the gd test.

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I wouldn't worry too much about it, I think it's normal to have a bit of an acceleration around this point. I hadn't gained any weight up to about 20 weeks, then bam! I've now gained 12 lbs! You have to expect that becasue now the baby's are in their "weight gain" phase. Just keep trying to eat healthy.

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I am glad the appointment went well! As for the weight gain, this is the time when we will all be seeing big numbers. The baby is growing so fast now!