6 months in...

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6 months in...

And I'm exhausted! The babes turned 6 months on the 6th. What have I learned so far

I valve sleep much more
I could now be a professional diaper changer
Anything goes with multiples

Before giving birth I kept hearing the first 6 months are hell I think "hell" is an exaggeration. Was it hard dealing with sleepless nights and breastfeeding two babes and having two babes needing your constant attention, yes, but its manageable. I think the first month was closer to "hell" then anything. But once I figured these babes out it did get a lot better. My only wish would be for them to STTN but I know in time that will come (if DD1 STTN so will these two).

It's amazing how different they are. Brad is so laid back, calm, loving and has the greatest belly laugh and Kaylee is a bit of a diva but so funny and adventurous and has the greatest smile. I fall in love more every day (corny I know!).

I just want to thank all the wonderful ladies here. Without all your words of advice and support I don't know if I would have made it through so easily.
Here's to hoping the next 18 years are as smooth!

I meant to post this on the twins board opps! But I do love u ladies!

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Love it! Happy 1/2 birthday to Brad and Kaylee!

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You have done a great job with twins! Happy 1/2 birthday! Pic?