7 week check up

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7 week check up

So, We had our 6 week check up (a week late) and Evie is only in the 5th to 10th percentile for her weight. Between the 10th and 25th for her height and below 5th for her head circumference.

The doc confirmed an upper lip tie and could not rule out a posterior tongue tie. We are being referred to an IBCLC an hour away for confirmation and referral of treatment.

Evie is eating every 2 hours around the clock and sometimes acts hungry in between those times. She should NOT be gaining so little. No wonder she looked small to me for this age. Sad Of course, my boys were 90th percentiles by the time they were 2 weeks old and they've stayed there ever since. So by comparison she looks REALLY small.

But to end on a positive note, She's pooping again! Yahoo I went completely dairy free by Tuesday last week and she's pooped everyday since Thursday! Yahoo

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Just keep feeding her on demand and of course as long as she is gaining then it is ok. Her percentiles are consistent for just a petite baby.

That's awesome that going dairy free fixed her pooping issue. I myself am allergic to milk, but had to go soy free with DS1. Not a lot of fun having to limit options, but better than having a grumpy baby!

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Sounds like a good appt. Don't think too much into the %tiles. Babies grow at their own pace. Maybe she's just going to be a petite girl. My friend's baby is 9 months old and Carter weighs almost as much as she does. She's perfectly healthy.

Glad you are getting the bf issues checked out. And I am glad she is pooping. We have poop issues at my house with Carter.

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Did she start out in a low %ile, or is she jumping down? I think consistency is what they look at more than the actual numbers. (But take me with a grain of salt- I'm no professional!)

KUP on what they say about the tongue tie.

And :woohoo: for pooping! What a relief!

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I understand your concern and I will probably be posting the same thing in 2 wks. The twins are still small esp Jocelyn, but honestly i would not worry about it! She is eating and growing!

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I totally understand your concerns but I'm sure everything is just fine. The day we left the hospital he weighed 7lbs 11oz (down from 8lbs 6oz) and three days later he was the same weight, and that was with supplementing bf. I was really upset but the pedi didn't seem too worried. I'm hoping that tomorrow his weight check will show some gain since I've been feeding expressed milk and formula so I know how much he's getting. I would think as long as she's gaining that she's fine. Glad to hear cutting out dairy heledwith her poop issues. I hope the consultation for the lip/tongue tie goes well.

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Yayfor poop!

My two girls are completely opposite in their growth profiles. Is the doctor worried?

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Lenora- CJ sounds like he's doing perfectly, our ped doesn't expect them to be at their birth weight until 2 weeks old. 2 days after we left the hospital Isaiah was at his discharge weight and he was at birth weight before 2 weeks Smile

Glad Evie is pooping again!! I agree she might just be petite, my cousin had her baby in May, so she's 5 months old, and Isaiah at 5 weeks weighed more than she does! She's growing, just at her own rate. I'd probably just feed her on demand (and get the tounge tie fixed, I'm no professional but does that affect how much milk they get?) and not worry unless the ped seems worried.

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"mandi04" wrote:

I'd probably just feed her on demand (and get the tounge tie fixed, I'm no professional but does that affect how much milk they get?) and not worry unless the ped seems worried.

yes, tongue tie can affect how much milk she gets. I'm thinking that if I didn't have a forcefull letdown that she might not even be in the % she is in right now.

She started off about 45% and was about 40% at her 2 week, so it's a drop in %, but she's still gaining.

The doc isn't the one that told me the %, I looked it up online. Honestly I was thinking it would be fun to see how different a girl is from a boy for us. Our boys were 90% from 2 weeks and have stayed there. I was expecting her to be around 50%. The doc didn't even say anything about her weight and her next appointment is at 4 months, so she's obviously not even the slightest bit concerned.

I'm feeling better about it today. I knew that it will be taken care of and that she's not going to die or anything, but I had a stressful day and that was the icing on the cake (or the straw that broke the camel's back). :roll:

She's continued to poop every day Yahoo and I'm going to pick up the zantac today. I just haven't had the time to stop by the pharmacy yet.