7 week update

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7 week update

Tomorrow little man will be 7 weeks and I don't know that we will make it to his 2 month checkup, so I thought I would go ahead and update.

He weighed 12lbs15.5oz at the BFing group today, so we called it 13 lol! That is 6lbs2oz gain since leaving the hospital!

He seems to be dairy and tomato sensitive, so I am having to cut that out of my diet... fun!:rolleyes: He was having bad colic spells, they started out not so bad and slowly progressed to just awful. So I cut out dairy last week and they have slowly gotten SO much better to the point I would almost say he doesn't suffer the colic anymore(but I'll let it become consistent before I claim that). I hate having to give up cheese, since I am a pescetarian, but I will just have to find a quick protein source elsewhere.

He seems to have a loose hip joint that I have been keeping an eye on. I noticed the doctor noticing it at our last appointment, but he said nothing about it. His father is seriously double jointed and I have loose joints... so it wouldn't surprise me if it is from that.

Otherwise things are going well. He sleeps wonderfully at night and now that the dairy is leaving our systems, he sleeps much better in the day. He is fun when he is awake, a very content baby. Even when he is fussy, he isn't a screamer, he just huffs and puffs and makes faces and flails his body a bit.

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I'm so glad that you seem to have found the cause of the colic and that it's getting better! Sorry about the dairy, though. I would definitely have a hard time giving that up. Glad you guys are doing well :-).

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Glad to hear you're doing well and that his colic is getting better. I would also have a really hard time eliminating dairy from my diet...I love my cheese, lol.

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Yahoo that the colic is getting better!
Glad you guys are doing good Smile