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So as I've gone over 'birth' dates in my head, I realized we have a 9-10-11 this month! Made me laugh. I wonder if anyone on our birth board will land with a 9-10-11 baby?

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I was trying to figure out what dates would be memorable this month.. 9/2/11 would be neat, 9/9/11, 9/10/11..

I suppose all of those are possible for me, but I'd prefer the earlier one! Wink

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9/10/11 would be a very cool birthday...but I sure HOPE I'm not still pregnant 10 days from today! Smile (I think I need to go find some wood to knock on...)

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I'm due on 9/12 and think a 9/10 baby would be great... but, I think I'm going to go late and end up with a 9/16 baby. Wink

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I was totally hoping for 8/9/10 last year for my kiddo, and he decided to come out on the 20th!

I'm sure I won't be that early, but I'd be okay with 9/10/11. Smile

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*Lurker from Oct 11*
I am due Oct 1st and live in the UK we do the date backwards to you guys. So I am hoping for Oct 9th which for us will be 09/10/11 lol

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i like that dat 9/10/11
I want that date im telling Kesler come then LOL!!!

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