Acrive labour!

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Acrive labour!

Everything is back on track. Contractions really close and really intense.

Both back and front!

Can't wait to know what it is!!

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Ahh come on baby! (I still vote girl!) ELV to you, Erin!

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Woohoo, good luck Erin. Can't wait to hear whether your surprise is pink or blue!!!

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Good luck! ELV!!!!

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YAY can't wait to hear the sex of this bundle of joy and that everyone is happy/healthy. Sending ELV your way Yahoo

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Woohoo!!! Can't wait to hear the news! ELV's!!!!

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Yay! That's great news. Hope you meet your little babe soon. Smile

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Come on baby, we want to know what you are! Hope all is well!!

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yay! good luck!! ELV's!!!

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Eek!!! Good luck Erin, cant wait for an update~!!!!

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Hope everything is going well!!!!

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YAY!! Can't wait for an update!!!

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Any new news?