almsot 37 week appt

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almsot 37 week appt

37 weeks tomorrow.

apt went well. i was just there on friday with no progress and today i am 2cm and 50%effaced. doc said i could still go another 3 week, but i hope not. heart sounded great. i was up 2 lbs, but she didn't say anything about it so i guess it's fine. i got a dr note so i can wear gym shoes to work because of the swelling. though i'm gonna try to get away with my adidas sandals cuz i can barely get gym shoes on and they will make me hot. i go back tuesday. and they will recheck my platelets tuesday as well.

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Sounds like you're getting close! I'll have to keep an eye on my phone then, just in case lol. Being half efaced and 2cms already sounds pretty promising Biggrin

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Yay, sounds like you're starting to make some progress!

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Yay for some good progress in the last week!

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Woohoo...great progress! I'm so excited for you

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Yahoo for a great appt and for getting to wear running shoes. I know how you feel, I was swelling so bad in my work boots that I was swelling over my boot top. I am now behind a desk and wearing sandals.

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Sounds good!! Smile