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Also following the trend

While I'm on the computer I wanted to post an update on us.

We had our ped appt on the 14th. Alice was an even 10 lbs, and shot up to 22.5 in. She has mostly switched over to 3-6 months, though a lot of it swallows her. She is thin and tall like us. She's still on Zantac and has been feeling a lot better for it. But she is still having fussy moments and the dr is concerned that the blood in her poop wasn't from an anal fissure at all, but from an allergy. I concur, b/c the blood looks more IN her poop rather than on it. So I am off dairy to see if she gets better. It's been a week and I haven't seen a difference yet, but she is also currently going through a growth spurt (I'm SO tired!).

She does give us a lot of coos and smiles. She loves the itsy bitsy spider, peekaboo, and getting tickled in her ribs. She is starting to play with toys, reaching and grabbing and bringing them to her mouth. She hasn't rolled yet, but she can stand up for over a minute and sometimes standing is the only thing she wants to do (probably going to be an early walker like her sister - ugh). She wants her way and is vocal about it.

Here are some pics I took for Christmas cards (sorry if they are big, I tried to resize them):

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Thanks for the update. Smile

Just remember it can take about 2 weeks for the dairy to leave her system. It takes about a week to leave yours, but then a week later it's out of hers cause she's still taking dairy from your milk til it's out of your system.


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your ladies are so lovely!

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She's such a cutie! Love their Christmas dresses! Glad she is growing well. Hope you get the allergy issue figured out.

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SO cute!!!

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Sooo precious

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What cuties! I love their bows!!!

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Great pictures!