Alyssa Update + Not So Nice News On Me. UPDATE: Post 13

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Alyssa Update + Not So Nice News On Me. UPDATE: Post 13

So, today Alyssa went in for her checkup, she's 6 weeks old now, where'd time go?? Anyways, she doesn't need to go back for another 2 months, unless we have concerns, my nurse practitioner's pretty easy going in that sense :). She's about 9lbs 15ozs and I forget how long she is lol, but she's growing great and no concerns at all :D.

I asked some questions on myself, because things just didn't seem right. From my middle of my belly to the left side is mild pain, but the right side still hurts pretty good and I have the pinchy/pully feelings, PLUS the pelvic pain came back :eek:. I had it when pregnant with both Hailey and Alyssa but it was gone right after birth - it was because of the pressure they were putting on my pelvis, but I don't gotta really explain that, I remember most of the board having that lol. Anyways, a couple weeks ago the pain came back, well I can assure you there's NOT a baby in there pushing in on my pelvic bones LOL! So she had me get on the bed and she checked me over and yep, got hit with a bombshell :confused:. Looks like I have an ingrown hernia and have to go back in to get cut open "ohhhhhhhh joy!", get it repaired, then start this damn healing process all over again!!!! She was pushing in and it was really sore, and she showed me the space (ie, HOLE) with her fingers, it's quite large actually and she said she should NOT be able to do that :eek:. So now, I need to schedule an ultrasound, then book an appt with a specialist, and go from there, but she's pretty sure I'm going back in because that's what it feels like to her.

Anyone who knows me and how I felt about having to be cut open in the first place and with having so little time to think/prepare for it to have Alyssa knows I didn't cope very well with it, being cut open was one of my biggest fears, and still is, and I was NOT prepared to go back and do it all over again this soon. IF we ever had another baby and if for some reason a VBAC wasn't in our favour, then we could prepare better, kwim? But that choice wouldn't be for a few years kwim (probably not, but we're not doing anything permanent till we're sure, though I"m sure people would really talk about us with 6 kids after going through this hell Lol ), and now I have to do it all over again. I only just started briefly lifting/carrying Hailey - I've been paranoid about doing much, and it's been not so bad, but going up the stairs (did this twice only) didn't go so well, so now I"ve been given orders NOT to lift her at all, or very little if I have to, and she even told me as we were leaving she wasn't sure I should even be carrying Alyssa's carseat so I had to hand her over to Bruce :(.

All I want is to heal up, be pain free, and get over this. I thought for sure by now I would have been pain free etc, but now this, and honestly, it's a bit much :confused:. Hubby is now out of work for at least another 2 months, and while he's entitled to 35 weeks paid parental leave, he was looking forward to getting back to work within the next couple weeks. But, can't have him go to work when I"ve been given orders of no lifting, and we have no one to come and help, so oh well, guess I should enjoy bossing him around some more huh?

Oh and on another note, Alyssa is smiling a little bit now! Hubby got real big smiles from her last night, I got a little one "captured it too" then this morning before we left I got some big ones, but she was done and got fussy by the time I got the camera lol. I also have our pics back from when I took her to get them done, but I will post some later, they're on my laptop at the moment.

Hope all is well with everyone! I try and lurk, but seems I don't have the time to post and reply to everyone. Will try and post more, she's sleeping at the moment so that's why I was able to type so much lol.

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Kristina, sorry to hear about the hernia... is this something you've always had or did it just happen recently? I thought hernias were something you are born with? Do you mean inguinal hernia (never heard of an ingrown hernia). I know quite a few women that have had hernia repair (including my MIL two years ago) and they all had laparoscopic repair as an outpatient. Will you not be having laparascopic repair? It's a pretty minor procedure and you won't be near as sore as you were with a csection. I'm sorry to hear you are still strugging with your csection recovery... it does get better! Smile This recovery has been my easiest so far but it was also the third time I've been cut there so I really have no feeling in the area. I had a csection in 2000 and a laparotomy in 2005 for a ruptured ectopic. I was in a world of pain and had a bad recovery with the laparotomy so I know how you are feeling Sad You may also notice your pelvic pain will come and go as everything settles back in place. My pelvis still isn't quite right and will click and lock when I'm laying down and try to get up. Having babies is hard on our bodies! Hang in there and take all the help you can get!

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Glad to hear Alyssa's appt went well. I'm so sorry to hear about your hernia, that totally sucks. A girl on Brandon's birth board has hernias after the birth of her second chid so i wonder if its not a common thing? Surgery is really hard especially when you have little ones to take care of. It's good that your husband can be there for you. My recovery this time from my c/s has been much better this time but the first time was brutal. Hang in there, things will get better.

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Sally - thanks! First off, it's something that just happened recently. She figures that part of the stitching came apart and that's what happened. Yeah, inguinal hernia is what I meant, I couldn't remember exactly what she said so I called it ingrown LOL!

When I was in the hospital, the nurses had left our area to go to the other side where they had to put other moms because they were over filled, and during that time, Alyssa had a choking attack cause she was so full of mucus, so I had no choice but to get out of bed really quick to get to her, and I'm thinking thats when I pulled them apart. I was super sore on that side after, and when I had went to see the nurse after because it wa really bad, she looked at the incision and said it was good, but of course, you can't see what's going on inside from the outside. Of course, never having had a csection before, I had no idea what things should feel like, so assumed everything was good - till now. The right side is really sore, and the middle/left is good. I wonder if many people who have csections have inguinal hernias? Anyways, it's just what she's assuming is going on because she can get her fingers in there and she shouldn't be able to.

As for the type of procedure, I have no idea what they're going to do, as I need to first have the ultrasound to see exactly what's going on, and then meet with the surgeon/specialist and see what the results are and discuss what we're going to do. I'm guessing I won't be lucky and NOT have to get cut open again because my nurse practitioner is pretty concerned. Always something!

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I think it could be a c-section thing, maybe? A lady at work had one and she had a c-section with her daughter.

I really hope all goes well, its a scary thing. Its not something your born with its a tear inside the body and it can be really bad.

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I hope they can repair it soon so you can get on with it and start over again. :confused:

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Sad I'm sorry to hear about the hernia/surgery! No fun.

Yay for baby smiles, though!

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Glad Alyssa is doing good. Sorry about the hernia. I know this has been rough on you and this totally doesn't help. Hopefully, they will get you fixed up soon so you can be back to normal.

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Glad Alyssa is healthy and doing well. Sorry to hear about your troubles. Hoping it's and easy fix for you.

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Great news that Alyssa is doing so well, sorry about the surgery

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I had a hernia pop out a few weeks ago (it hurts like hell now) hopefully it goes back dont after delivery, but the doctor said that if my muscles close around it, surgery would be required. So, I will be stalking you to find out how it goes.

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Glad Alyssa is doing well!
Sorry about another possible surgery, hopefully they can get it figured out soon and if you need surgery get that done soon so you can start healing!

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Thanks everyone :). Yeah, I dunno if it's a common thing after csections, but the only thing I can see why it happened to me, is that when I had to get to Alyssa in the hospital cause she was choking, my quick movements tore some stitching, thus causing the hernia. It's been rough for sure, and this really doesn't help. I called to make my u/s appt, and they can't get me in till the END of November here in town, so my nurse practitioner is gonna get me in where I delivered, still waiting for her call back. Mostly the u/s is to check for cysts and whatnot as well.

Ahhh, gotta love having babies lol.

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Ok, so my appt with the surgeon is next Tuesday afternoon at 2:45. We'll see what he says then and go from there. Still waiting on a call back from my n.p on what's going on with the u/s appt.

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Im glad Alyssa is doing well!!
Im sorry to hear about your hernia hope you are feeling better soon.
Let us know how it goes with your surgeon appt next wk

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Thanks Jen, I will definately keep everyone up to date on what he says and what's gonna go on. Wow, all these appts, u/s appts etc, I almost feel like I'm pregnant again.. oddly enough, I almost wish I was and having standard u/s's and dr's appts. Least those are good things, this isn't :sigh:

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been watching on fb. sorry you are dealing with this. kup