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Amazon MoM

Hey, I just wanted to tell everyone about this deal. I'm going to use it for diapers. If you "subscribe and save" in which you subscribe to amazon to ship you x amount of packs/cases every x months you get a 15% discount, plus, if you sign up for "amazon mom" another 15% discount and on most items you get free standard shipping.

i just set up for subscribe and save for our pampers size1. BRU price is 45.99, my amazon mom price is 30.79 for the same thing! i'll get one case a month automatically sent to me. and i can go in and cancel any time, like when it's time for the next size.

just wanted to pass this info along

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We've been using this for about a year now- it's awesome!

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Neat idea...only good in the US Sad

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We signed up for it last winter... and you get free (2 day most of the time!) shipping on all purchases... which is awesome. We use cloth diapers, but still great just to get the free shipping on regular items as well. Smile