Anatomy scan today

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Anatomy scan today

I so go in today @ 3pm EST for my scan! I am so excited to see the babies again and I pray that they are both healthy and get great reports! Oh I also hope that they didn't grow anything inbetween their legs as I am already settled that they are girls! LOL
I will update everyone tonight Biggrin

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Good Luck..

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Good luck!!

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How Exciting!

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Good luck Erin. I hope both of them are healthy...and still girls, lol.

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So exciting! Can't wait to hear about it!

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How exciting! Good luck!

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good luck Erin

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Good luck, Erin!!!! Send you tons of great vibes!!! I'd send girl vibes but I've got none of those! Biggrin

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Good luck! Can't wait to hear!

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How fun to be able to take a peek at your girls again!!!!

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